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DRAWING LINES! Week in Review 9/25/13


nbcOne month of writing about awesome comics and posting comments about shitty comics. I gotta say this month has been so much fun for me personally and as a comic fan thanks to this little website that keeps growing in hits and views every day (word on the street is that a certain DC Comics Artist posted a link to NBC on his Facebook page and called us “Awesome!” True story) . I love coming here and spewing my wisdom to you and also love trading snarky remarks in the comments with everyone as well. You out there have made NBC’s first month a successful one and we would definitely not be here without you, so once again, from the bottom of my foul mouthed heart, thank you! I’ll take this moment to apologize to you for the shortness of this weeks drawing lines, this weekend is super busy for me (I play a rock-star part time when I’m not posting about comic books and had to gear up to melt faces at the show tonight – so I’m writing this on the fly), now then, let’s get to those sweet, sweet bullet-points.

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I love the television show Breaking Bad and I love the comic book artist Francesco Francavilla, so imagine my joy when I found out that Francesco has done a series of posters for each episode of Breaking Bad!


There hasn’t been an adjective invented yet to properly express just how cool these are. Check out some here down below and the whole series at Francavilla’s Blog.