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NBC Giant Size 25th Episode Podcast Special

From Batman: Rebirth #1 by Mikel Janin &

The NBC Podcast is back with our 25th giant size episode one year in the making. Listen to hear Alex, Dean & Patrick talk the best series of the last year, DC Rebirth, comic film and television adaptations, what they’re drinking, the NBA Finals & hear an original song by Alex. So grab a drink, kick back and enjoy the weekend with the NBC mind squad.

Why we haven’t seen a Black Widow Movie (Yet)

With hit after hit, Marvel Studios is the current juggernaut of comic book movies. But what is keeping Black Widow from becoming their next blockbuster?

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Civility and Wartime


A look back at the paradigm shifting miniseries and how Marvel is revisiting it today…
To me, when I think of event books, none top Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s Civil War. Blackest Night is cool, Secret Wars was easier to follow than Final Crisis and Infinity was…different. Compared to Civil War though, they all feel kinda small. To understand it completely, you have to examine what preceded it and what resulted from it.

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Tuesday Top Ten: Political Comics

With the political climate heating up in the US, and Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War premiering this week, we put together a list of our ten favorite comics dealing with political issues…

Prez 2 Ben Caldwell

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“Why are Superman and Batman fighting?” And the Superhero Fight Club…

In a few weeks, viewers will see the live scene dual between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight, many for the first time. For comic fans this is merely a foregone conclusion, it can only end in a tie or Batman’s victory. But for fresh newcomers, the question becomes “Why would they fight at all?”

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