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Freeze Frame 3/11/2018

From Shade The Changing Women #1 by Marley Zarcone & Kelly Fitzpatrick

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This Week’s Finest: Captain America #698

From Captain America #698 by Chris Samnee & Matthew Wilson

by Mark Waid, Chris Samnee & Matthew Wilson

From November 2010 to March 2011 Mark Waid wrote a five issue mini series called Captain America: Man Out Of Time. It retold the story that first appeared in the pages of the original Avengers series; about how a frozen American war hero was thawed out 60 years later to fight for the Avengers. Some thought it didn’t need to be retold, however, Waid brought something new to it. The writer focused on the emotional struggles of Steve Rogers, a man realizing he can never go back to the life he once knew. Here we are in 2018 and Waid is once again telling the story of Captain America, a man out of time. Although, this time, it is Avengers Cap who has been frozen and inevitably thawed in a not so distant dumpster fire America. Waid impressed me then with Man Out Of Time and he impressed me now with Captain America #698 Out Of Time Part 1, enough to be the finest comic of the week.

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Freeze Frame 2/17/2018

From Sideways #1 by Kenneth Roccafort & Daniel Brown

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Freeze Frame 1/7/2018

From Gravediggrs Union #3 by Toby Cypress & Niko Guardia

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Freeze Frame 12/9/2017

From Mirror #10 by Emma Rios

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Freeze Frame 11/3/2017

From Batman #34 by Joelle Jones & Jordie Bellaire

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San Diego Comic Con News & Things 7/21/2017 Part Two

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This Year’s Finest 2016: Film

Captain America Civil War different sides

Spoilers (but not many)

2016 might have witnessed a fair amount of upheaval, but one thing remained constant: Hollywood’s love of superheroes is as strong as ever. While DC sat out 2015, Marvel saw three of their properties in theaters; this year The Big Two had six combined. Next year that will edge up to seven. In addition, geek-favorite franchises Star Trek and Star Wars continued their multi-year missions through galaxies far, far away. Almost all of them raked the ticket sales (analysists were divided on whether Star Trek Beyond fell short of breaking even or turned a modest profit). Either way, neither profit margins nor quantity of films produced equal quality. 2016 was a very mixed year in terms of artistic merit, as fans could be forgiven for experiencing whiplash when trying to create a double bill for some of these movies. Some films excelled by being able to break new ground, while others entertained with well-executed tried and true formulas. Some were an utter mess (and not simply in their murky CGI sequences). It could have been worse; viewers were denied anything quite as terrible as last year’s Fantastic Four. Then again, that is placing the bar quite low.

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Podcast Episode Thirty Five

image In this episode we talk about a lot of things. We talk about comic books like Batman, Demonic, Supergirl Rebirth, Black Widow & Thor. We talk about inherent comic book logic and how that can be a hurdle for new readers in reference to The Incal. We talk about the new Captain America statue in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY. We talk about Alex’s awful beer. We talk about the new Frank Ocean album’s and how that highlights the importance of inclusion and diverse voices. But mostly we talk about the terrible, terrible, terrible Spawn Kills Everyone. It is so terrible