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Freeze Frame 4/8/2016

From Midnighter #11 by Aco & Jeremy Cox
From Midnighter #11 by Aco & Jeremy Cox

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Review of Star Wars Poe Dameron #1

334754._SX640_QL80_TTD_by Charles Soule, Phil Noto, Chris Eliopoulos & Jordie Bellaire

For Marvel’s first step into The Force Awakens continuity; the creative team of Charles Soule, Phil Noto, Chris Eliopoulos & Jordie Bellaire bring massive amounts of fun to the continuity expanding Star Wars Poe Dameron #1.

The first issue of the series focuses on Poe Dameron’s search for Lor San Takka that viewers saw fully realized at the beginning of The Force Awakens film. Writer Charles Soule hit’s the right balance of fun and revelry in his portrayal of the character. With Noto’s excellent illustrations, I felt like I could hear Oscar Issac’s voice coming out of that character’s mouth as I read the dialogue. Poe Dameron is also well structured to where it manages multiple emotional high points in a scant 20+ pages. The book open’s up on some high stakes X-Wing piloting before pivoting towards backstory and then jumping back to introduce it’s present. Soule keeps a narrative through line by giving the Poe character so much personality. From the first page going forward, he’s never not enduring and entertaining. Phil Noto’s art is gorgeous. His attention to detail in the illustrations is beautifully rendered while his action sequences continue to be some of the most exciting in the industry. To top it off, Chris Eliopoulos & Jordie Bellaire have a hilarious back up story about BB-8 playing cupid with a couple of rebel alliance members.

Poe Dameron fit’s into Marvel’s Star Wars formula for being a uniquely fun and imaginative comic that captures the source material while adding layers on top of it. If the debut of Poe Dameron is any indication, their in no danger of stopping any time soon.