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Cthulhu Asks Tough Questions – What’s Your Favorite Horror Movie?

To celebrate Halloween, Nothing But Comics woke malevolent cosmic monster Cthulhu from its slumber to contact 14 comics creators on Twitter and ask them about their favorite horror movies.



The responses are provided below…

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A Creepy Cat Critiques Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #8

Buffy Season 10 8C1C2C3C4The artwork above was done by Arthur Rackham for the 1909 edition of Fairy Tales of the Brother Grimm.  The image was featured in an online article by Laura Massey on Rackham’s work, which can be found here.

Creepy Cat critiques comics each week on Twitter:  @ClockpunkEllis

Review of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #4

24755Everything Buffy and her friends thought they knew about vampires and magic is changing.  Recent events have left the state of the world’s magic in flux, and Buffy’s charming adversary Dracula (yes, that Dracula) has run off with both a mystic tome (which will give him the power to literally write the new rules of magic) and Buffy’s friend Xander Harris, whom Dracula holds in his thrall.

Dracula’s plans, however, don’t go according to plan.  Dracula discovers that the book’s power to grant his wishes can go horribly wrong when imprecise commands are given, and it is up to Buffy and her friends to save him and the world.  And amid all this action, Buffy discovers a heartbreaking truth about her sister Dawn.

Writers Nicholas Brendon (yes, that Nicholas Brendon) and Christos Gage craft a story that combines riveting adventure with great humor and poignant character moments.  All of these story beats are depicted quite beautifully by artist Rebekah Isaacs and colorist Dan Jackson.  In Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #4, the creative team provides heart-wrenching character moments and riveting action that should be able to engage even new readers unfamiliar with the series.

Review Superior Spider-Man #30

SSMSuperior Spider-Man #30 by Dan Slott, Christos Gage & Giuseppe Camuncoli

Well, here we are. The second to last issue of Superior Spider-Man. For roughly a year now, Slott has been chronicling the adventures of Doctor Octopus’ mind inside Peter Parker’s body. It was a gimmicky premise that could have easy blown up in everyone’s face. Yet, somehow it worked more than it failed. Naturally there were the screams of discontent, the impassioned cries from comic book fans who had somehow never read a “nothing will ever be the same again” saga from a comic book before. Still, I give Slott credit for this: he stuck to his guns. This was not a three, four month storyline, as many suspected. He took a year and really played with the idea of Octavius trying to walk in Peter’s shoes. As I said above, not all of it worked, but what did was fun. For example, watching Otto bond and fall for Anna Maria has been a pleasure.

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