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Freeze Frame 9/1/2017

From Image+ Volume 2 #1 by Wesley Craig & Niko Guardia

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Podcast Episode Thirty Eight: The Top Five Quarterly

The guys each give their individual top five series from Image, Marvel, DC and everyone else and then discuss the similarities and differences. Dean loves Batgirl, Alex loves Star Wars and Pat loves Copra. Also, Alex & Pat go in deep on the excellent new FX series Atlanta while Dean & Pat discuss their week one Fantasy Football results

Freeze Frame 6/3/2016

From Hellboy In Hell #10 by Mike Mignola & Dave Stewart
From Hellboy In Hell #10 by Mike Mignola & Dave Stewart

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This Week’s Finest: Copra Versus #1

383268._SX640_QL80_TTD_by Michel Fiffe

Earlier today, IDW Comics announced it’s summer crossover event, a miniseries with several companion miniseries pitting the majority of the companies Hasbro properties against one another. It was yet another major publisher attempting to capture the news cycle from events, relaunches or any number of stunts used to re-engage comics buyers with their product outside of simply the quality of the product in and of itself. Today alone saw four relaunched DC series, Civil War II #1 and the debut of an additional Power Rangers comic to the main series with SEVEN different variant covers. All this just one week after the controversial one two punch of DC Universe Rebirth & Captain America Steve Rogers.  In the midst of all the hype and spectacle, Michel Fiffe dropped an e-mail on Monday letting all his subscribers know there’s a new Copra miniseries about villains, it was available this week with the first issue about Dy Dy. And here we are. Continue reading This Week’s Finest: Copra Versus #1

Indubitable Issues and Pull List (11/4/15)




Tyler’s Recommendations: 

Joe Golem, Occult Detective #1
“Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden bring their second collaboration from a novel to the world of comics, this time with art from Patrick Reynolds. Like Baltimore before, Joe Golem takes place outside of the Mignolaverse, but in a world where the occult and strange happenings are still occurring. At this point, if you’ve enjoyed all the other offerings from Mignola and company, you should probably just buy this.” 

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Freeze Frame 10/2/2015

From Sandman Overture #6 by JH Williams III & Dave Stewart
From Sandman Overture #6 by JH Williams III & Dave Stewart

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This Weeks Finest Year Two

ThunderworldLast year, Cosmo looked at our first year of This Weeks Finest picks by the numbers. He examined the data on the creators, publishers and titles chosen by the NBC staff for each week of our first year. Based on his numerical analysis, we were able to see our very eclectic taste in comics based on our combined choices for This Weeks Finest. I decided to do something similar this year and looking at the numbers, there’s far less parity in our second year then the first. Grant Morrison came back, Scott Snyder did a horror comic with Jock, all those books announced at the Image Expo’s started coming out regularly and the Nothing But Comics staff went crazy for all that.  Continue reading This Weeks Finest Year Two