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Review of Rocket Raccoon and Groot #7

Rocket Raccoon & Groot 7 David Lopez
David Lopez

By Nick Kocher, Michael Walsh & Cris Peter

Two years ago Marvel launched a new on-going series starring Rocket Raccoon. The title got off to a strong start with an arc written and illustrated by Skottie Young. Even after Young stepped back to let others pencil the book, the series remained delightfully inventive. Last month, Young turned in his final issue for the tittle, so that he could focus on his creator owned I Hate Fairyland. Stepping into his shoes for #7 is new writer Nick Kocher joined by artist Michael Walsh. Together they have added an entertaining chapter to Rocket’s cosmic misadventures.

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Review of The Discipline #1

The Discipline 1 Leandro Fernandez
Leandro Fernandez

By Peter Milligan, Leandro Fernandez & Cris Peter

Peter Milligan’s new Image series opens on a disorienting note which announces its genre blending. Artist Leandro Fernandez lays out the first two pages as a set of thin, rectangular panels, each of which offer a constricted view of the action. Fernandez also sticks with close-ups, providing only details of what is occurring. Cris Peter’s colors highlight the occasional feature, such as the yellow glow of skyscrapers at night or a bright green cat-like iris. Such an approach draws the reader deeper into the page, trying to sort out what exactly is happening. The bodies involved are unconventional (monstrous to use a less polite term), while their behavior appears to be more conventionally sexual in the nature. Next Fernandez pulls back for a full page view of the aftermath. The angle remains skewed, the atmosphere menacing, though the figures are now human. Scattered (and shredded) clothes litter the foreground. Milligan’s intentions to mix sex and horror are immediately clear. For those familiar with Milligan’s sizable body of work this should come as little surprise.

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Review of Casanova: Acedia #2

Casanova Acedia 2

by Matt Fraction, Michael Chabon, Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba

“What does it mean when your farts smell like cinnamon?”

“Who is Casanova Quinn?”

“Who is ‘Akim Athabadze’?”

These are questions that writers Matt Fraction and Michael Chabon explore – but don’t necessarily answer – with artists Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá in the second issue of Casanova: Acedia.

You see, Casanova Quinn is a cool super-spy suffering from amnesia while trapped in a parallel universe.  In the new reality in which Casanova is stranded, he goes by the name “Quentin Cassaday” and works as a majordomo for the rich and powerful Emil Boutique, who also can’t remember his past.

Last issue, Boutique offered to help Cassaday/Quinn remember his past, if Cassaday investigated Boutique’s origins.  Cassaday went to the library to do some research and got attacked by some occult thugs.  So in this issue, needing to know more about magic, he recruits a reluctant magician to help him.

Cassaday also makes friends with a police detective who gives him some alone time with the female assassin that tried to kill him last issue, and that turns out to be a harrowing experience.

But a seed is planted.

Cassaday also learns about an old photograph that may offer clues to understanding the past of Emil Boutique.

And while Matt Fraction writes all that, intriguing and entertaining you so much that you hate to finish reading the comic, artist Fábio Moon illustrates it all brilliantly, while colorist Cris Peter uses a contrasting color palette of sepia and shadow that is absolutely beautiful.

Meanwhile, Micheal Chabon and Gabriel Bá explore the multi-dimensional worlds of Casanova Quinn’s adventures with “the Metanauts” (a group of dimensional travelers who “stalk the timelines in search of a solution to reality’s deadliest question”) as they embark on a mission to a weird world.  It is a funny and sad story, with strange action and romance (see if you notice the sex scene) depicted in a bright, cartoonish style, with colors provided by Cris Peter.

The creative team may not answer the questions that they pose in this issue, but you will be grateful that they were asked, nonetheless.  Even if you haven’t read any previous issues in the Casanova series, you will likely enjoy the art and story of this comic.

Alan Moore and Brian Michael Bendis Discuss Casanova: Acedia #1

Casanova Acedia Cover 1OUR STORY THUS FAR:  Over a month ago, Alan Moore traveled to Portland to discuss comics with his fellow comics creators.  Today he’s having coffee with Brian Michael Bendis…

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Alan Moore and Brian Michael Bendis were not involved in the creation of this not-for-profit parody comic strip review of Casanova: Acedia #1.  The opinions expressed by the characters above are the opinions of the author, and not the opinions of Alan Moore and Brian Michael Bendis.