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Freeze Frame 1/29/2016

From Old Man Logan #1 by Andrea Sorrentino & Marcelo Matolo
From Old Man Logan #1 by Andrea Sorrentino & Marcelo Matolo

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Indubitable Issues and Pull List (01/27/16)






 Patrick’s Recommendation…

ProphetProphet Earth War #1

“It’s finally here.”

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Review of Cry Havoc #1

cby Si Spurrier, Ryan Kelly, Nick Filardi, Matthew Wilson & Lee Loghridge

The debut issue of Cry Havoc is one of the most interesting and creative works that writer Si Spurrier, artist Ryan Kelly & their team of multiple colorists has ever done. It’s a strange time lapsed story about ancient myths & modern warfare and it weaves between all those things expertly.

Cry Havoc is about a young musician who get’s bit by, and then becomes, a werewolf while she is playing her violin on the street. She is then recruited by a group of military contractors with similar abilities to terminate a deadly rouge member of their organization.  More and more, writer Si Spurrier has been refining his strengths as a writer and it really shows in Cry Havoc. His dialogue continues to be among the best in the medium, his idea’s are wholly singular and he weave’s a plot together effortlessly. As a writer, he is moving past the “up & coming” distinction to become a fully realized talent and one of comics most singular creative voices. Artist Ryan Kelly does some of his most unique and innovative visual story telling of his career on Cry Havoc. An illustrator that has always been sound on a technical and narrative level, his layouts and perspective are next level here. Adding to that is the fantastic color work or Nick Filardi, Matt Wilson & Lee Loughridge, each of whose coloring work give’s a totally different aesthetic to their respective section of the comic. It’s a brilliant conceit that is executed to near perfection by the trio in giving each time period it’s own unique voice just by contrasting each of their individual coloring styles.

Cry Havoc is a cut above in a way that could only be done by the collection of the creative talent assembled for this series. Even by Image Comics standards, this is an impressive debut issue that feels like nothing I’ve experienced before. Smart, fun, haunting and overall brilliant, Cry Havoc is the full package.