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Tuesday Top Ten: Best Legacy Heroes


In honor of the upcoming film starring a character taking up a previous hero’s mantle,  here are our ten picks for heroes who have done just that!

Flash 123

#10.The Flash-Barry Allen:

“A Silver-Age reinvention of the Golden Age character, Barry Allen shares many traits with his predecessor. Not the least of which, he inspired HIS own future replacement, Wally West. So in a way, Barry works two ways as a Legacy hero in honoring the past and making way for the future generations of the Flash!”

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DRAWING LINES! The Week in Review – 11/13/13


nbc_new2That’s right motherfucks, I’m back to swearing up a storm in this weeks Drawing Lines. After restraining myself from letting the expletives fly in last weeks post, I’ve decided this time to go all out – blitzkrieg style. That opening line there, you know the one about “Motherfuckin’ titty suckin‘” was something that my friends and I use to say back in grade school. We would have cussing competitions to see who could come up with the longest string of cuss words and still form a coherent sentence. Although I’m not sure how coherent “Two ball bitch” is, still it worked. It was like goddamn profane haiku – and my friends and I were masters. Funny thing is, as much as I swear and shit, I have this “switch” I can flip and turn off the cussing in an instant – which comes in handy around kids and my parents, who just wouldn’t understand what a “Ping pong pussy” was or just what “The dick don’t stop till the pussy goes flop.” means. Speaking of pussies, have you seen this weeks Freeze Frame? Funny shit my friends, funny shit. Oh and speaking of funny shit, check out these bullet points!

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DRAWING LINES! The Week in Review 11/06/13

“… and I smile staring into your eyes and they are like kaleidoscopes spinning in snow.”

nbcOh man full disclosure this weeks Drawing Lines is being written like 30 minutes before I need to post it due to me being up all night with sick kids. You guys don’t know just how close you came to not getting a DL this morning. I’ve gotten maybe 2 hours sleep total and I think I’m starting to hallucinate and stuff…. is this a keyboard in front of me? What are these words I’m typing saying? Am I suppose to cuss or something? Perhaps since I’m in an altered state I’ll try out writing this post without using one single swear word! I know, sounds like a impossible feat doesn’t it? And to be honest I don’t even think i can do it, I mean me not using the F word is like a fish not using the ocean – it just IS. it is part of nature and the order of things. But gosh darn it dudes I’m gonna try, I’m really gonna try. Read on fearless readers and cheer me on on this rough Sunday morning – I’m gonna need it to get through these Bullet Points without using colorful language!

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DRAWING LINES! Week in Review 10/30/13


nbcHappy Thanksgiving! Well, at least in a few weeks. Yep November is here and its time to get ready to eat a shit load of food and lapse into a coma on the Lazy Boys and couches while watching that Star Wars marathon on the Spike Channel. its weird , even though I own like all 67 versions of the Star Wars trilogy, I cant help but watch The Empire Strikes Back when it’s on network television. And I’ll even get pissed at the commercials when they come on while watching it  – “Man come on! Not another commercial! Yoda was just about to bitch slap Luke into a being a motherfucking Jedi!” I do that same thing with Jaws, I cant help it I gotta support my favorite movies when they are on in TV. You know what else I support? Bullet Points! As Anakin Skywalker once said, “Yippee!”

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