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New DC Line Of Comics Spinning Out of Dark Night Event

DC Comics will launch a new line of comics titled Dark Matter spinning out of the previously announces Dark Nights: Metal event. The titles will include a new version of The Challengers of The Unknown by Scott Snyder & Andy Kubert with additional series by James Tynion IV & Jim Lee, Dan Abnett & John Romita Jr, Dan Didio, Justin Jordan, Justin Jordan’s beard & Kenneth Rocafort, Robert Vendetti & Tondy Daniels. More details at EW

Hickman, Ribic & J.H. Williams III Join DC’s Rebirth


When DC made their big Rebirth creative teams reveal last weekend at Wonder Con, one title was conspicuously absent: Super Sons. At the time, some speculated that DC had something major in store for fans which believed merited its own announcement. This morning, DC confirmed such theories by stating that Super Sons will be handled by the all-star creative team of Jonathan Hickman, Esad Ribic & J.H. Williams III

Hickman and DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio discussed how the project came to be and what readers can expect from it.

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DC Reveals First Rebirth Details


At Comics Pro 2016, Dan Didio & Jim Lee offered retailers (and through them the fans) the first concrete information on how the DCU will be reborn. Titles will receive a special “Rebirth” issue, followed by a new relaunched series. This “relaunch” will effect the whole line, renumbering most books in the process.The big exception will be Action and Detective Comics which will resume their old numbering.

No news on creative teams yet.

Also, starting with Rebirth, all series will return to a $2.99 price point.

Relaunching/new titles announced today are as follows:

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Mars Comments on Twix Ads Controversy

The placement of half-page, double-spread Twix ads in comic books published by DC Comics has sparked a controversy within the comics community.  The ads feature entertainer Nick Lachey promoting the Twix candy bar as part of the candy’s “Left Twix vs. Right Twix” promotional campaign, which humorously urges consumers to choose a preference between the identical left and right Twix candy bars that are packaged together. The site Bleeding Cool broke the story about the ads in late May and – even before the ads debuted in this month’s comics – multiple comics news sites and blogs reported or expressed dissatisfaction with the half-page ads; as the site Comic Book Resources reported, “News of the ads quickly drew a response on social media, both from fans and professionals unhappy with the format as well as observers musing on the inherent absurdity of a candy ad featuring a former 98 Degrees member sharing space with DC superheroes.”

Twix candy bars are made by the food company Mars, Incorporated. Nothing But Comics wanted to get Mars’ perspective on the half-page ad controversy, so we asked the company to comment on both the demographic groups it hoped to reach through its advertising and the controversy over the ads.

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Flash Appreciation Day Challenge – Dan DiDio, Jim Lee, and Geoff Johns

Yesterday, the Nothing But Comics! team shared the news about  our petition to the White House requesting that the President of the United States of America honor the DC Comics superhero character the Flash by declaring February 11, 2015 “Flash Appreciation Day”.

We are pleased to report that the petition is supported by comics creators Brett Booth, Van Jensen, and Robert Venditti.

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What’s Your Secret Origin?

Secret Origin Batman
DC Comics has a comics series that showcases secret origins.

Secret origins (that is, the origin stories of comic book superheroes and supervillains) are an important element of the superhero genre.  These origin stories provide motivation and depth to characters.  Bruce Wayne’s parents were tragically murdered in front of him when he was a boy, and now he fights crime as Batman to prevent others from suffering as he did.   Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, and initially used his new superpowers selfishly, resulting in the death of his Uncle Ben; Peter learns that with great power comes great responsibility, and now fights crime as Spider-Man.

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DiDio and Giffen Launching Infinity Man and Forever People Series in June 2014


DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio who has written for Wednesday Comics, The Outsiders, The Phantom Stranger and Omac  will team with artist Keith Giffen of Suicide Squad, Legion of Superheros, X-Manowar, Justice League, 52, Countdown To Final Crisis, Green Arrow and Justice League 3000 for the reluanch of the Jack Kirby creation. More details at DC Comics