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Freeze Frame 7/28/2017

From Image+ #16 by Ian Berdman

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Indubitable Issues and Pull List (09/14/16)




Cosmo’s Recommendations …
blackmondaymurders2Black Monday Murders #2
“The first issue of Jonathan Hickman’s latest image series was so strong that earned This Week’s Finest. A tale of Wall Street greed filled with the usual skulduggery plus elements of dark magics, it was immediately compelling. Jump on now to see where Hickman and artist Tomm Coker twist this tale next . . .”

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Comic Convo: DC Rebirth Week Two

WonderWomanRebirth1DC has rebooted once again and were covering it every week in our comic convo’s. Here is week two on Wonder Woman, The Flash & Aquaman Rebirth #1 along with Action Comics #957 & Detective Comics #934 Continue reading Comic Convo: DC Rebirth Week Two

The Rough Guide To DC Rebirth

Like Marvel comics has had before them, today I’m taking a look at the new DC Comics Rebirth lineup of titles announced last weekend. DC Comics attempted to reboot in the summer of 2011 with their New 52 initiative. Though initially successful, readers quickly tired of the redundant writing & art styles that was often overtly in your face with little substance and dated concepts, while creative talent left the books in droves over accusations of overreaching editorial mandates. In 2015, the publisher began walking away from the concept; first with their Convergence event whose story was used to reestablish the Multiverse and then the DC You initiative,  a sincere attempt to diversify the style and creative talent on their line of books. In spite of some really great comics, DC You failed to reestablish the publisher’s already shrinking market share while the one two punch of Star Wars & Secret Wars allowed chief competitor Marvel Comics to dominate the direct market. During WonderCon 2016, DC Comics announced another new initiative with a relaunch of the publishers comics with new #1’s and creative teams for their series of titles. Some look great, some of the creators brought in during DC You have leveled up, some familiar faces are sticking around, some new writers have been brought into the fold and some comics vet’s are returning after years away from the publisher. Some books look great, some have potential, some look kind of bland and some look like hot garbage. Will divide the contenders from the pretenders with Yay, Mayhaps or Nay. As always, remember that not even all of the creative teams have been announced let alone all the possible series so this lineup is subject to change.

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This Year’s Finest 2015: The Most Memorable Characters of 2015

NBC’s year-end coverage kicks into full swing this week — yep, it’s list making time. Today  I am offering my third annual look at which characters made the strongest impressions in 2015.

All entries are listed in alphabetical order.

Darth Vader 4 Salvador Larroca
Salvador Larroca
0-0-0: This was probably one of the easiest pitches that Kieron Gillen has ever made: “evil 3-CPO”. The concept sells itself, right? What elevates the character above gimmick though is how well-executed it is. Despite some notable differences in ethical programming, 0-0-0 is very much a twin of the galaxy’s most famous protocol droid: deferential, thorough, proud of a job well-done and a bit cowering at times. Gillen evokes the mannerisms of 3-CPO so well that the reader cannot help but hear 0-0-0’s dialogue in Anthony Daniels’ familiar voice. This quality makes 0-0-0’s gleeful remarks about torture all the more chilling. It is also classic Gillen.
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Three More New DC Comics Series Coming In October

Dan Jurgens Will be Working on Superman: Lois & Clark with Lee Weeks,  Convergence writer Jeff King will be doing a series on the main villain, Telos & Dan Abneet will be writing The Secret History Of The Teen Titans.

Neal Adams will be launching a series titled The Coming Of The Superman in December of 2015. Six issues dealing with all of Jack Kirby’s characters fighting Superman.

Review of Bat-Mite #4

Bat-Mite 4 Corin Howell
Corin Howell

By Dan Jurgens, Corin Howell & Mike Atiyeh

The latest installment of Bat-Mite gets a lift from Dan Jurgens’ signature creation: Booster Gold (& Skeets). Which is good news for Bat-Mite, as he could use a bit of distraction at the moment. The issue opens to reveal that not only has Bat-Mite accidentally trashed his roommates’ kitchen but also ruined a priceless photo album. (All that damage from a toaster oven? Guess those college dorm regulations made sense after all). Anyway, so Bat-Mite is in big trouble when suddenly he overhears “the troublalert signaling impending doom.” Actually, it’s just Skeets ringing the doorbell. Skeets and Booster could use Bat-Mite’s assistance in hunting down the dangerous masked fiend, Gridlock. Bat-Mite quickly agrees to help, and Booster even more rapidly finds himself regretting it.
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Review of Bat-Mite #1

Corin Howell

By Dan Jurgens & Corin Howell

Bat-Mite, long regarded as a dated relic of the Bat-Camp years, has returned to the DCU and the initial results are rather entertaining. Originally an impish being from The Fifth Dimension who passes himself off as The Caped Crusader’s biggest fan, Bat-Mite was a frequent presence in the Bat-Books during the early 60s before becoming one of the causalities of Julius Schwartz’s New Look revamp. The character has only sporadically popped-up since then. His last major appearance was a rather meta turn in Grant Morrison’s R.I.P. storyline, which suggested that the otherworldly spite was merely part of Batman’s psychic defenses.

In the new debut issue, Jurgens takes the opposite approach, fully embracing the character’s goofy roots. After a brief prologue portraying Bat-Mite being exiled for some unnamed transgression, the story launches into a high speed chase. Bat-Mite has taken the Batmobile out for a spin, while also pursuing a pair of kidnappers. The ensuing hijinks have a light-hearted touch, as Bat-Mite clowns his way through Batman’s stone-faced reactions to unfolding events. Bat-Mite might be a bit of a buffoon, but he is a charming one. Eventually he finds himself tangled up a nefarious criminal enterprise, side-by-side with the only top-tier DC hero who has less of a sense of humor then The Dark Knight.

Bat-Mite 1 Corin Howell

Overall this is a fun first issue which left me wanting to read more. The fact that books like Bat-Mite and Bizarro can exist side-by-side with grittier entries such as Midnighter and Green Arrow suggests that DC is indeed unshackling themselves from the unified house style that plagued many of their New 52 titles. And that would be a good thing for everyone.