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Bendis & Marquez Launching Defenders Ongoing Series

defenders2017001-cov-flatBrian Michael Bendis & David Marquez of Civil War II, Ultimate Spider-Man & Invincible Iron will be launching a new Defenders ongoing series mirroring the Netflix television show lineup. The series will be introduced with Marvel’s FCBD offering and then debut as ongoing in June of 2017. More details at The Hollywood Reporter

This Year’s Finest 2016: TV Convo


2016 brought an increasing number of comic based programs to television. Josh joins me in discussing a large cross-section of what both worked and did not these past twelve months.

Cosmo: This year, the DC/CW brand continued its bold expansion, launching one new series (Legends of Tomorrow) and annexing a another (Supergirl). Before we get to those, and the Arrowverse’s namesake, let’s begin with what I feel remains the most consistently successful of the CW shows: Flash.

Josh how are you feeling about the series?

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Marvel Announces New Darth Maul & Elektra Series Along With Daredevil Crossover Event

636147123430409860-stwmaul2017001-dc11Marvel has announced a new Darth Maul comic series from writer Cullen Bunn of Uncanny X-Men, Harrow County, Conan The Slayer & Monsters Unleashed with artist Luke Ross of The Force Awakens, Captain America & The Mighty Avengers, Captain America & Secret Avengers.

Marvel will also be launching a Daredevil crossover event titled Run With Devil with the current ongoing main title, the launch of the already announced Bullseye & Kingpin ongoing along with the recently announced Elektra series. Elektra will be written by Matt Owens whose previous experience comes from writing on Marvel Luke Cage & Agents of Shield television series with art from Alec Morgan. More details on Darth Maul at USA Today and Daredevil/Elektra at CBR


Nothing But Comics has hit our three year mark and in observance of the site’s anniversary, every Tuesday from now until we finish, one of our staff members will list off their favorite comics creators all time. Last week was Cosmo, this week is Itho. Continue reading TUESDAY TOP FIFTEEN: OUR FAVORITE CREATORS Josh

Review: Daredevil Season 2, Episodes 10 & 11

Some spoilers, maybe, probably. What constitutes a spoiler?


While X-Men Origins Wolverine & Watchmen were both successful on their opening weekends in 2009, audiences who watched the films seemed to quickly reject the two superhero movies of 2009 pretty quickly after their initial release. While I believe that both are objectively bad movies, I don’t think they are anymore objectively bad then many of the comic films that proceeded them like Fantastic Four or it’s sequel, X-Men 3, any of the Raimi Spiderman trilogy or Superman Returns. The difference this time around was the year proceeding Origins Wolverine & Watchmen had the release of The Dark Knight & Iron Man; two films that completely upended the superhero genre. Watchmen & Wolverine were years in the making and probably had little room to adjust to the new reality if it’s creators  and producers were even aware of the shift in the first place. Wolverine Origins & Watchmen are remembered as bad movies but they only felt especially bad in comparison to what had immediately proceeded them. Today, 3/25/2016, as Batman vs Superman is currently setting box office records the evening prior while being ripped by film critics; I wonder if in a few years from now we will look back at Batman vs Superman and it’s upcoming competing films from rival studios like Disney/Marvel’s Civil War or 20th Century Fox’s X-Men Apocalypse with a similar disdain as it’s starting to feel like the superhero genre has taken another major step in the last year or so that these films couldn’t have caught up with at this point. A shift that we saw in the singular visions of Netflix Jessica Jones, Fox’s Deadpool and now the second season of Daredevil, where bombast and attempts at mass audience appeal have been replaced by nuance and a singularity of vision. Jessica Jones with it’s feminist sex positive politics, Deadpool with tongue firmly in cheek and now Daredevil Season 2, an excellent grind house crime thriller with an incredible dedication to craft and vision.

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Review:Daredevil Season 2, Episodes #7-9



Well, things just got a whole lot crazier in Hell’s Kitchen. Over the course of three episodes, an already fantastic season was kicked into high gear. In order to cover all the important points, I’m going to use a different format than previous reviews. In a season that introduced the Punisher, I feel like bullet points are wonderfully appropriate 🙂 I hope this leads to an effective overview of all that transpired in episodes 7-9. Continue reading Review:Daredevil Season 2, Episodes #7-9