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Freeze Frame 3/10/2017

From New Superman #9 by Viktor Bogdanovich, Jonathan Glapon & Mike Spicer

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Indubitable Issues and Pull List (11/23/16)




Tyler’s Recommendation …
blackmondaymurders4Black Monday Murders #4
“The end of the first arc from Jonathan Hickman and Tomm Coker’s tale of finance, corruption, occult practices, and dark magic. I’m a huge Hickman fan, and this series has been a wicked delight. Coker’s gritty and gorgeous art combines so well with Hickman’s elaborate narrative web of conspiracy, murder, greed, and an evil battle for control of the world.”

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Freeze Frame 8/7/2015

From This Dammed Band #1 by Tony Parket
From This Dammed Band #1 by Tony Parker

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Percursors to Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain


With the hit FX series The Strain returning in the summer, I thought it would be fitting to look back at one of the co-creators, Guillermo Del Toro, previous works and how they led to The Strain‘s existence… Continue reading Percursors to Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain

Emerald City Comic Con Announcements

  • unnamedValiant comics will be celebrating there 25 years with a universe spanning event called The Book Of Death. They have also created a series of animated origin shorts on the companies Youtube page.
  • Darkhorse Comics announced ten new series including the return of their Barb Wire & King Tiger properties in addition to creator owned work from Skott Kollins & Aaron Lopestri and more.
  • IDW announced several new series, including the previously mentioned Onyx in addition to a new Godzilla in Hell series and more.

Freeze Frame 3/27/2015

From Captain Victory & The Galactic Rangers #6 by Nathan Fox
From Captain Victory & The Galactic Rangers #6 by Nathan Fox

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Freeze Frame 3/20/2015

From Chronauts #1 by Sean Murphy
From Chrononauts #1 by Sean Murphy

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Creepy #20 Review


I don’t buy many horror books, mostly because I don’t know what counts as a good horror book and where I would look for one. I have a healthy respect for the genre, but it seems tricky to sell on a monthly basis. Take for instance, a horror anthology by Darkhorse with an eclectic mix of creators.

This issue of “Creepy” revolves around the theme of pets and how they relate to their owners. Some were serious, some were macabre, and others were kind of silly.

The top three (which were also the longest) of the five stories to me were “Skinny”, “Verto”, and “Bowser”.

“Skinny” was the story of a young, lonely boy who finds companionship with a Chupacabra that can’t keep its food down. He feeds it, shelters it, cleans up after it, convinced he has found his best friend. After Skinny meets the boy’s tormentor, their relationship ends and the boy remarks on how empty he is now.

“Verto” was a similar story, with a young girl and an ever-growing beetle. “Bowser” was a dog like tentacle monster with a hearty appetite.

Despite being my three favorite stories, they started to feel repetitive in there themes and story structure. Kid meets pet, they grow closer, pet causes problems. While they all ended differently, the stories didn’t complement each other. Instead, I could  come to the conclusion the writers were telling the same story with minor tweaks.

The art was good in every story, with Matthew Southworth and Ramon Bachs standing out most. Southworth’s style on “Skinny” was very atmospheric, while Bachs was very expressive and detailed. Richard Corben’s pencils on “Bowser” were toned down from what I usually expect, but felt very appropriate to the tone of the story.

Overall: The art is a little stronger than the stories in this issue, but I think there is something for everyone here. A 12 year old might like the cartoonish Mad Magazine-esque shorts or the stories of the kids with the supernatural pets, or an adult might like a heartwarming tale of a boy caring for his tentacle monster. If you have room in this week’s budget, I would recommend this over a Convergence tie-in.

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