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What else to say about Watchmen?


We live in a world where cinematic universes are in vogue, comic book shows are more prevalent than ever, and the Avengers roster are household names. We’ve even had a Watchmen adaptation, much as we might prefer to forget about it. It was as faithful as any movie adaptation could be, but seemed to lack the essence of the graphic novel’s themes. DC’s various prequel series, Before Watchmen, also seemed like a squandered opportunity if not one that was sacrilegious. Aside from two or three of the mini series, most were OK and the rest were flat out awful. It’s this legacy that pushed the property out of my mind since. Continue reading What else to say about Watchmen?

The Decline Of Traditional Retail & Comics Direct Market In 2017

A few months ago, Marvel comics faced a minor controversy over sales rep David Gabriel who partially blamed an over reliance on “diverse” titles from the publisher in addition to DC Comics making some it’s Rebirth line of comics returnable and the 2016 Presidential Election, as reasons for why Marvel’s sales have slipped in the direct market. Existing on a larger scale that economist on a whole were just starting to get a handle on at the time of Gabriel’s comments going public, was the overall decline of traditional retail shopping across the board in the broader economy.  While comics sales had been declining in comparison to the year prior for some time at that point, at six months into the year of 2017, we have the unique insight to see not only the overarching trend of decline for sales in the direct market, but an example of how Marvel & DC Comics were able to buck those trends, and whether those instances presents a stable path going forward.  Continue reading The Decline Of Traditional Retail & Comics Direct Market In 2017

Batman/Flash Crossover For April Set To Explore Watchmen Connections

batman-image-from-the-batman-21-lenticular-coverIn April, DC Comics will be crossing over it’s ongoing Batman and Flash series together while exploring the connections to Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons Watchmen that were alluded to in DC Rebirth. Flash & Batman writers Joshua Williamson & Tom King will be writing on the series with art from Howard Porter & Jason Fabok. More details at CBR

This Week’s Finest: Nightwing #12


By Tim Seeley, Marcus To, Chris Sotomayor, Carlos M Mangual

Following (the new/old) Superman’s advice, Dick Grayson has moved to Bludhaven in order to reestablish himself as a hero and a man. As these things go, Dick has had to adjust to life in a new city with new friends and enemies… Continue reading This Week’s Finest: Nightwing #12