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Indubitable Issues




Patrick says this deadly issue is a class above the rest…
Deadly Class #2
If you missed out on this you done fucked up plain and simple. In what’s already been a strong year for new creator owned comics this debut issue was by far the best. This comic feels personal like nothing else and the art is just splendid. Reading it you are instantly put into the time and place of the story but the writing of the charterers and the action had me hooked from page one going forward. Don’t miss out on this.
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Pull List Playlist 1/22/2014

Trap or die!!!


Man so many good comics this week. Of course that means next week is going to be light but hey I’ll roll with it. For this weeks Pull List Playlist we have comics from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse and Valiant going with Punk Rock, Alt Rock, Oldies and Every Color of Trap Rap in the rainbow.

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Freeze Frame: The Weeks Best Moments for 1/22/2013

This is pure and raw awesome power of imagination-Pat
by Rafeal Albuquerque from Animal Man #27

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Want to know what covers caught our attention this week?

Curious what our eyes fell in love with at first sight?

Well, here they are, the most memorable images on the stands this Wednesday . . .

Cosmo is happy to hang with you after . . .

Deadly Class #1 (Cover B)
Deadly Class #1
by Wesley Craig

This one just jumped out at me this morning, I love the colors, the sleek lines and excess of style. A+

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Review of Deadly Class #9

Deadly Class 9
Wes Craig

Deadly Class #9 by Rick Remender & Wes Craig

This week’s issue of Deadly Class opens with a flashback. The place is Juarez, Mexico, the year 1979. Some low-level criminals are preparing drugs in their modest home. Small problem though: their supply was ripped off from the local kingpin, El Alma del Diablo. Understandably, El Alma is not pleased with this poaching of his product. His vengeance is swift and brutal, climaxing in a man’s crucifixion. With his last breaths, the man begs that his daughter be spared. El Alma pays little heed to pleas for mercy, though, he does listen to the words of his own son, Chico. Chico knows the girl, Maria, from his school, vouches for her being “clever, useful.” Thus, Maria is carried off by El Alma, in debt to Chico for her life.
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Review of Deadly Class #3

deadly-class-03-releasesby Rick Remender and Wesley Craig

In issue three of Deadly Class Remender and Craig manage to capture the manic youthful energy of the debut issue of the series after the second slowed down to introduce the expansive cast. Here we get nothing but action and teenage angst as we watch Marcus and Willie go on their first kill for the assassin school and learn that looks can be deceiving in this world. Story wise the pacing here is fantastic as we watch two teenagers fly around the streets of San Francisco dodging danger as they are forced to take the life of another. In it Remender gets deeper into both Marcus and Willies story as he exposes aspects of Willies past that plays against expectations and stereotypes while building the characters. This is still being told from Marcus point of view so it’s important to approach some statements as you would with Lorde lyrics by recognizing that this is a teenager whose prone to believe the same nonsense that we all did in our youth but the pure angst that Remender channels with lines like “There are monsters our there. And I’m going to be ready for them. I’m going to grow scales and breathe fire” is pure magic. Craig continues to create astonishing layouts and panels as he sets the scene for 1980’s San Francisco awash with colorful street lights, large scale architecture and dirty back alleys. The fluidity of movement in his work is second to none in it’s craftsmanship and it truly shines when he can do full scale peddle to the medal action like this. This is a comic that essentially succeeds on pacing by letting the narrative go a mile a minute slowing down for short moments emotional catharsis before jumping right back into the action. It’s to the credit of Remender’s writing and character building along with Craig’s illustrations and layouts that they’ve excelled at this practice so far. There has also been clues to something more in this comic as Remender’s politics continue bleed out of the pages and the pan out on the final page is a haunting reminder of the stakes involved. Marcus want’s kill Reagan. Is the compromises he will have to make in Reagan’s America to reach that goal worth the cost? I can’t wait to find out.