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Alex traveled North and South to bring you the recommend… 
oct130599East of West #9
This book gets better with every single issues making it a must buy every month.  Hickman’s Image work is at the top of it’s class right now and should not be overlooked.  This issue is guaranteed to be packed with amazing art and gruesome battles as The Ranger and Death finally square off. Spend some time with Death this week, you wont regret it.
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Review of First Year Healthy

cby Michael DeForge

Here’s a list of the most obvious word I can use to describe a Michael DeForge book;



dream like



A lazy person’s review of a DeForge book is basically a madlib’s of all these adjectives but that’s doesn’t make them wrong per say. Here’s a few things I can tell you about Fist Year Healthy

It’s a book about a woman with mental health issues

It morphs from being a love story to a crime book to a horror story to something inexplicable in a very short period of time.

Even for a Michael DeForge book it’s very unconventional.

It’s basically written as a children’s picture book from the first person point of view of the woman with mental health issues.

The art here is stunning in a Michael DeForgesque way, it’s some of his best work to date. Not quite as strong as last years Ant Colony it has some of his most interesting details in his illustrations. There is also these fantastic pages that contrast one another when you look at them side to side that is cool and interesting.

At the same time I’m not sure this is my favorite DeForge work. It feels like it could have been a little bit more fleshed out. Compared to say the last issue of Lose it’s not quite on the level and feels more like a placeholder.

Still weaker DeForge is better then 98% of anything else. That it’s somewhat disappointing is relative. But even in that context First Year Healthy leaves a little bit to be desired even if it’s still interesting and it has a lot of great things going for it. It’s worth experiencing for the singular art and his gift for every man first person narration. It has all the sensibilities that have made him one of comics best creators but it’s not essential the way that Lose, Kid Mafia or Ant Colony are and not everything that he does is going to be. Basically First Year Healthy is very good but DeForge is capable of much better and while that’s strong praise for the cartoonist it’s damming of his work here.

Review of Ant Colony

ImageProxyBy Michael DeForge

No one has risen to the top of the Alt Comics food chain quite like Michael DeForge over the last few years because nobody has his level of talent or sensibilities creating comics today. Ant Colony is a collection of his web comic series that follows the destruction of an ant colony and the survivors left in it’s wake. When I was a kid I used to think how crazy the world must look for insects having everything be larger then they are and DeForge manages to recapture that stage of wonder by showing the lives of the ants and the different insects around them with a wholly unique and truly astonishing take on the world of insects. The world building here is just fantastic unlike anything you’ve ever seen and his restrained use of psychedelic art captures the manic energy and chaos of the dangerous outer world surrounding the protagonist. As is always his greatest strength the characters and their individual stories feel personal and real like nothing else. You feel their happiness, their sadness and mostly their indifference. Ant Colony takes a lot of principles of outer world science fiction like Prophet or Saga and then plants it purely within our world. Have you ever looked at an ant hill and wondered what it was like down there? This comic shows that it’s more amazing then you ever imagined.