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New Trailer for Black Panther

Today Marvel Studios offered a new taste for next year’s Black Panther film. Where the initial trailer was a bit discordant, the latest impressively blends design, action and beats. (Though someone in the editing suite is really proud of that car flip moment which reappears at pretty much same point in this trailer as it did in the previous).

Black Panther stars Chadwick Boseman, Michael B Jordan, Martin Freeman, Angela Basset, Lupita Nyong’o and Andy Serkis. The film, directed by Ryan Coogler, opens February 16th 2018.


Material, Bela Tarr and Creative Rebirths

“The maps in our hands no longer match the territory—and perhaps they never did. Now what?”

Material 2
Tom Muller

The world is rapidly shifting around us. On this, at least, we can all agree. The hows, whys and what-nexts, however, those are the tricky parts. There no longer seems to be any sense of collective concern or common cause. Society is splintered into so many niche groups (partisan or otherwise) that inter-clique dialogue is virtually impossible. We exist as fragments, instead of whole communities. This sense of dislocation suffuses Ales Kot and Will Tempest’s new Image series Material. Kot has structured his narrative as a series of character vignettes which lack any clear narrative connection. This sensation is reinforced by Tempest’s art, which typically shows characters alone in panels, rarely sharing space with anyone else. Instead of belonging to any larger purpose (i.e. story) they all feel adrift in their various lives. The professor, the actress, the former detainee, are all disorientated in their own manner. They could also use some guidance out of their personal labyrinths. Problem is, there is none to be had.
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Batman Faces Arrested Development

lego-batman-movie-warner-brosTo the surprise of pretty much nobody, one of the first decisions made in response to the massive commercial success of The Lego Movie was to green-light a sequel as well as spin-offs. One of those spin-offs, also rather predictably, was a Batman Lego film starring Will Arnett. It does not arrive until 2017, so plenty of the details are probably still being negotiated. However, as reported this past Friday, it has been decided that Michael Cera will voice Robin in the movie.

Personally, I find this an exciting possibility, not simply because Cera’s patented flustered, awkward persona could make for a hilarious Boy Wonder. It also reunites him with Arrested Development co-star Arnett for something other than a fifth season of the show. (Oh why, Netflix? Didn’t you disappoint us enough with Season 4?) Recent fallings-off aside, the first three seasons were brilliant television; it is the most recent show I would place on my list of best TV comedies ever. With this in mind, I would like to offer Warner Brothers a modest proposal for how they could fill-out the rest of the cast solely with Arrested Development alumni.
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Review of Ant-Man

Ant-Man_posterNo Spoilers

With the arrival of Ant-Man, Marvel Studios continues to expand the scope of their Cinematic Universe. Following in the footsteps of last year’s exercises in espionage/conspiracy thriller (Winter Soldier) and science-fiction adventure (Guardians of the Galaxy), the studio adds heist comedy to their repertoire. Like those previous movies, Ant-Man successfully manages to blend its style with the MCU’s larger framework, while still offering audiences something a little different. It might not reach the same heights of Winter Soldier/Guardians (which admittedly set the bar pretty high), but it is an entertaining two hours.
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