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Freeze Frame 3/18/2016

From ODY-C #10 by Christian Ward

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DC Comics Launching Several Mini-Series Written By The Characters Original Creators In Early 2016

635717467754088290-Jonboy-METAL-MEN-CMYK-PROMO-V.2In early 2016, DC Comics will be launching several miniseries of some of their own off brand superhero’s, with many of the comics written by the character’s original creators. Lein Wein will be returning to his Swamp Thing creation in addition to writing a new Metal Men series. Marv Wolfman will be writing Raven, Gerry Conway will be writing Firestorm and Mike Barr will be writing Katana. Other series will include a long demanded via twitter Poison Ivy series by Amy Chu, a Metamorpho book Aaron Lopresti & a Sugar & Spike comic by Keith Giffen. More details at USA Today

Legends of Tomorrow #1 Review

330614._SX640_QL80_TTD_By Gerry Conway, Eduardo Pansica, Rob Hunter, Corey Breen, Aaron Lopresti, Matt Banning, Chris Sotomayor, Micheal Heisler, Keith Griffen, Bilquis Evely, Ivan Plascencia, Tom Napolitano, Len Wein, Yildiray Cinar, Trevor Scott, Dean White, Steve Wands

DC tries to capitalize on the hit CW TV series Legends of Tomorrow by making a comic of the same name and using one of the characters from the show. Continue reading Legends of Tomorrow #1 Review

“The Fury of Hawk and Dove? Or Gone Too Soon from the New 52 part Deux”

Special thanks go to the good folks at Bell, Book and Comic (458 Patterson Rd, Dayton OH)


for helping me keep this series of articles going.

Since both series I read this week featured duos, I thought it would be appropriate to devote the article to both of them, a double helping if you will. First up; “The Fury of Firestorm”!


I’ve only had three exposures to Firestorm that I can remember: “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, “Blackest Night”, and “Brightest Day”. None of those really got me interested in the character, although I thought it was cool when Deathstorm turned somebody into table salt just by knowing the chemical formula for it.

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