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Is Disney becoming Alchemax?


I tried playing a mental game last week, where charted the companies that own DC Comics upwards to the top. It went DC Comics, DC Entertainment, Warner Brothers, Time Warner, and possibly AT&T in the future. Of course I got all this wrong without the help of the internet, but I did it to illustrate how hard its become to track where our media is coming from. That becomes important because increasingly, its changing in absurd ways and everyone wants your web cookies so they can predict what you will buy next week or even next month. Take that same game that I started with, and do it with Marvel Entertainment/Lucas Films/Pixar/ and Disney. Now add 21st Century Fox to that list. It’s not a linear thread, its a spider web. One which is about to become twice as big… Continue reading Is Disney becoming Alchemax?

What Logan and Legion get about the X-Men


The X-Men occupy a precarious position in the comic book franchise war between Fox, Marvel Studios, and DC/WB. While the live-action comic book blockbuster owes a debt to 2000’s X-Men, the sequels, prequels, and spinoffs have been of varying quality that now Fox has fallen far behind its more recent rivals.  Fox holds the rights to one of most complex and popular Marvel comics mythologies, but its only with two of the most recent adaptations that we see the true potential to be tapped.  Continue reading What Logan and Legion get about the X-Men

Fox May Not Know What They’re Doing Anymore


An argument that I often fought against until recently was that Fox Studios doesn’t know what to do with the film rights to the X-Men. A portion of comic fans are convinced that the X-films are a travesty and Fox should give up the film rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four to Marvel. After the disappointing and appropriately titled X-Men: Apocalypse, I may not be in full agreement with those fans but must now admit Fox is looking mostly bad for their recent results. Continue reading Fox May Not Know What They’re Doing Anymore

Tuesday Top Ten: Actors Who Played Multiple Comic Characters

Over the many years (and comic adaptations), many people have brought our favorite characters to life, some more than once. Maybe the first was a dud and the second was brilliant. Maybe they’ve nailed each casting and we rejoice seeing their names in the credits. Either way, here are the ten actors who’ve given the best multiple comic performances…
#10. Brandon Routh

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Rise and Fall of the Long Form Narrative


In the age of binge-watching and Shared Universes, Movies and TV finally seem to have caught up to comics in building stories that last and enthrall for years. On the flip side, with regular reboots and more competition than ever with paltry efforts at diversification have comics become more like TV of the past? Continue reading Rise and Fall of the Long Form Narrative

Loose Ends 8/15/2015

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