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Tuesday Top Ten: X-Characters Who Need Their Own Films

With the Merc with a Mouth getting his own (seemingly spot-on faithful) flick, we compiled a list of 10 other characters in the X-Men Universe who should follow suit.


#10. Morlocks:

It’s been a long time since the Morlocks were central to the X-books; nowadays, fans would associate them most with Jonathan Hickman’s Future Foundation. However, a big screen treatment could change that. A society of mutants deemed too “deformed” for humanity, they live in underground tunnels beneath New York City. This combination of physical mutations and atmospheric setting would be rich visual material for an imaginative creative team, lending the film a more striking look than typical in comic book flicks. Also, the concept of mutants living as outcasts due to their physical appearance gives the discrimination allegory a sharper sting than pretty boy Scott Summers’ “woe is me” routine. Finally, filmmakers could chose to adapt the classic Mutant Massacre story-line in which the community literally fights for their very survival. Taken all together, the Morlocks have the potential to be not only the darkest X-film to date, but also the richest-Cosmo Continue reading Tuesday Top Ten: X-Characters Who Need Their Own Films