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Cosmo’s Gallery Remembers Bernie Wrightson

On Saturday comics legend Bernie Wrightson passed away at the age of 68. Over the years his name had become synonymous with horror comics in a way few (arguably no) others have before or since. His detailed line work added a naturalistic element to his art which only heightened the sense of atmosphere. His imaginative creature designs mixed the humane with the grotesque, finding their best expressions in Swamp Thing (co-created with Len Wein) and his acclaimed adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (Guillermo del Toro wanted to use Wrightson’s illustrations as the visual basis for a Frankenstein film). His contributions did crossover to superheroes from time to time, most notably in his art for Jim Starlin’s Batman: The Cult miniseries. So, as we extend our sympathies to Wrightson’s loved ones, we also remember the legacy he leaves behind.

Rest In Peace, Bernie Wrightson

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Bernie Wrightson Has Passed Away

Bernie WrightsonFamed artist Bernie Wrightson has passed away after a prolonged battle with brain cancer. The news was announced overnight by his wife Liz via Facebook. In January Wrightson had announced his retirement due to complications from surgeries.

Wrightson is best known as the co-creator (with writer Len Wein) of DC’s Swamp Thing. Wrightson had a long involvement with DC’s horror titles and it is in that genre where he leaves his deepest legacy. Outside of comics, he is most renown for his contributions to an illustrated edition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. In addition, he collaborated on several projects with author Stephen King.

Wrightson was 68. A fuller obituary can be found on his website.

Rest In Peace Bernie Wrightson.

Bernie Wrightson lab Frankenstein

Review of The Wicked + The Divine 1831

Stephanie Hans

By Kieron Gillen & Stephanie Hans

To the ears of your typical angsty teenager, there is little difference between pop music and poetry. Their very nature requires a fair amount of heart worn on sleeve accompanied by the belief that these personal emotions are compelling to others, even if the writer is convinced that no one is interested in giving more than a cursory glance at their pain. Martyrs they all be. Thus, it is only natural that Kieron Gillen would set his sights on the Romantics for his first tale of a Pantheon set outside the present day. After all, it only makes sense that the same culture which nurtured a Percy Shelley would later also produce Morrissey and Robert Smith. In fact, Gillen would be far from the first to make this observation; viewing the Romantics as the rock stars of their day has long passed into cliché. What makes the 1831 special so rewarding is how Gillen digs deeper into the archetypes, crafting a compelling mediation on eternal questions of creativity, death and legacy. His script is in turn stunningly illustrated by Stephanie Hans. With 1831 Gillen and Hans accomplish what all great historical writing aims for: using the past as a means to better understand the present. In such a way, The Wicked + The Divine continues to prove itself one of the best books on the racks.

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Tuesday Top Ten: Comics We Are Most Anticipating For 2015

It’s a new year and change is in the air. With that new series to blow your mind, disappoint, exceed or defy you’re expectations. These are the ten that the NBC family is most looking forward to.

10. Island by Emma Rios, Brandon Graham, Michael DeForge, Farel Darlymple, Simon Roy ect 

island adlowwwww

What’s better then a new series by Brandon Graham & Emma Rios? Having that new series be a 76 page anthology featuring work by the likes of Farel Darlymple, Michael DeForge & several more under the radar but amazing comics talents, thoughtful text articles, 4 to 6 pages of illustrations and the mission statement of being “like Heavy Metal, but not for teenage boys”

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Pull List Playlist Halloween Edition 2013

Nightmare-Before-Christmas-d17Welcome back, kiddies.  Your host, Alex, is back this week with something a little…creepy.  That’s right!  This Halloween Edition of PLP is sure to get you in the spirit of this spooky holiday.  For this edition, I will be pulling from EVERYTHING comic related.  If it is sure to scare, it is all fair.  So grab your plastic fangs, ghost sheets, and rubber knives, it’s all trick with this treat!



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