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Make Gotham Great Again


Out of all the comic book shows on the air, Fox’s Gotham stands apart from them all. Not just because it involves Batman characters, but also it’s a  procedural starring Batman characters ideally before they become who we know them as. Every season is a buckshot of quality, bizarre motivations, and awkward takes on iconic residents of Gotham City. The show has moments, like when Oswald Cobblepot runs for Mayor of Gotham on roughly the same platform as President Trump and wins. Everything else is up for debate… Continue reading Make Gotham Great Again

This Week’s Finest: Batman #3

Batman 3 Tim Sale
Tim Sale

By Tom King, David Finch & Jordie Bellaire

After 77 years of stories, how does a writer render a character such as Batman fresh once again? One key is to strip away conventions that have built up over the decades as certain traits have fossilized into tropes. Batman is a brooding loner, obsessed with justice to the point of madness. He is a man of few words. He has a plan for everything. He never sits.  While most of these examples have been the basis for classic tales, taken as gospel they become restricting. This week author Tom King fiddles with the accepted formula as he continues to breathe new life into a book that had grown stale.

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Tuesday Top Ten Characters to Bring to “Gotham”

With Gotham’s wide net of characters and interpretations, they’ve dug shallow and deep in showing the formative years of the City’s most famous inhabitants. Some of the portrayals have been solid and some started good but became shaky. With all that in mind, here are 10 characters that are perfect for the show’s shotgun approach to the Bat-mythos…

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This Year’s Finest 2015: Comic Convo TV

Thought that there were a fair amount of comic book based TV series last year? Well, this year there were even more. So, let’s dive right in and revisit what excelled and what was meh in home viewing in 2015  . . .

Daredevil Fisk paintingCosmo: So, I was thinking that we should start with Marvel’s pair of Netflix series as they were the most high-profile comic book TV projects of the year. As I stated in my reviews, I feel that Daredevil & Jessica Jones both really raised the bar on what a superhero series could be. They were among the best TV of any kind  I saw in 2015.

Josh:I have to agree, and not just because Game of Thrones was so-so and Fargo Season 2 has been a slow-burner.

Marvel’s Netflix is shaping up to be the dramatic counterpoint/compliment to their films.
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