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This Week’s Finest: Grayson Annual #2

GraysonAnnual2CoverBy Tim Seely, Tom King and Alvaro Martinez

I lose my powers. You’re a spy. Bruce is an amnesiac. Legends don’t change. Us? We’re all just guys?” – Superman from the pages of Grayson Annual #2.

It’s annual week at DC comics with 5 titles releasing their yearly oversized issues. There is a negative perception of Annuals floating around, even me, king of positivity is known to grumble from time to time when my favorite comics hit annual week. But here is the thing, they are usually pretty good. A lot of annuals allow creators, whether regular or guest, to take a step aside from the ongoing story lines and tell a fun, exciting story. An annual allows a guy like me, who doesn’t necessarily read a book monthly, to try it out and have some fun with the characters. This is the situation I find myself in this week with Grayson. I’m glad I picked it up because Grayson Annual #2 turned out to be my favorite book of the week.

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