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Review of Larfleeze #10

LarfleezeLarfleeze #10 by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis & Scott Kolins

Purists may wish to cover their ears now.

My favorite Green Lantern is G’Nort.

To be fair, I’ve never read that widely in the Lantern canon. Hal Jordon’s always been either a little too bland or unlikable for me. Guy Garnder’s, well, Guy Garnder. For whatever reason, I’ve never really encountered much with John Stewart or Kyle Rayner. As I said, the Corps were never a big interest for me. Alan Scott is cool, though, not as much as Jay Garrick who is still my favorite Flash (though that’s a debate for another day).

And so, my favorite Lantern is G’Nort. Created by Giffen and DeMatteis during their iconic Justice League run, G’Nort is an alien who resembles a humanoid dog. G’Nort may have his uncle’s graft to thank for his power ring, but, nonetheless he is a devoted teammate. Perhaps not always the smartest or the best fighter, yet still, someone you can count on to stick by you. It also helps that he has an appealing personality. From the moment he appears in this issue, he had me smiling once again. Some mega-powerful demi-god is going on about the trap he has lain for Larfleeze when G’Nort simply wanders over, inserting himself into the conversation. He actually succeeds in derailing the conversation. As I said, there is a good-natured feel to G’Nort, which is immediately winning.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the rest of the issue. Now, part of the problem is that I had never read an issue of this series before now, and possessed near zero knowledge of who Larfleeze is beyond “greedy, Orange Lantern”. It took me several pages to sort out what was going on and who a lot of the supporting characters were. I’m still unclear on the exact nature of the villains. G’Nort was in the issue enough to justify buying it, but, my enjoyment pretty much ground to a halt when he was off panel. If you’re a fan of the character, as I am, that may be worth it for you. For my part, I plan on buying the next two issues with G’Nort as well.

Let’s hope that Larfleeze is stocked up on Kibbles n’ Bits.