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Freeze Frame 12/30/2017

From Void Trip #2 by Plaid Klaus

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Freeze Frame 5/22/2015

From A-Force #1 by Jorge Molina
From A-Force #1 by Jorge Molina

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Convergence: Hawkman #1 Review

DIG054802_1 (1)by Jeff Parker, Timothy Truman

I was losing all hope in Convergence to deliver anything memorable, but this issue changed my mind.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl are trying to keep “Gotham” in one piece after being trapped inside a mysterious dome and working at a Natural History Museum in their civilian guises. In order to inspire hope to the city that heroes are looking out for them, Shayera reveals herself and Carter as the Hawk duo. Meanwhile, other Thanagarians have been working in secret to find a way out of the dome at the risk of civilians. Just when the Hawks begin to consider working with the Thangarians, Telos announces that the competition has begun and each city must fight the others for survival.

Hawkman is a character that by all rights SHOULD be cool but has become overly-complicated and unexciting during the last few decades. Jeff Parker manages to craft a compelling adventure for him and Hawkgirl as space cops with bird wings, having them stand as strong characters by literally having them exist in a bubble. Compared to Superman or Green Lantern, the Hawks could be boring. Likewise, even mentioning their millennia long reincarnated love-life would be a death sentence. “Space cops with wings” is perfectly sufficient as a premise for both characters.

Timothy Truman’s pencils are a good match for the story, giving a nice retro feel to how he renders the Hawks. The book feels like a 60s-70s DC book from its heyday, while the cityscape is drawn as a grand playground for the flying characters.

Overall: I’m slightly annoyed that so many of these tie-ins took place in Gotham City, as though any other locale is too boring. Also Telos’ fight-to-the-death game has the potential to derail even the most promising tie-in to service the larger narrative. There is enough material here to fill 2 issues, but I’m not interested in seeing the Hawks fight vampire Batman, the Tangent Central City, and whatever the hell Durvale is.So far both of the tie-ins I’ve bought had a mostly text back-up page explaining more of the character’s history, but I find these hard to follow and detract from the story I just read.

“Convergence Hawkman” is a decent throwback story, with some intrusive elements weighing it down.

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