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Freeze Frame 3/11/2018

From Shade The Changing Women #1 by Marley Zarcone & Kelly Fitzpatrick

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Freeze Frame 2/10/2018

From Vs. #1 by Esad Ribic & Nic Klein

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Freeze Frame 4/21/2017

From Dark Horse Presents #33 by Ryan Browne

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Comic Convo: Image Comics Releases 8/17/2016

385280._SX640_QL80_TTD_Dean: After a slow past week of Image books we pick things up again with a Wednesday full of violent and visually stunning comics. Creighton is joining us for the talk this week. Creighton, what books did you read this week?

Cosmo: I read Descender, The Wicked + The Divine & I Hate Fairyland.
Let’s start off with Descender. I’ve been really enjoying this series, and thought that the current arc’s focus on filling in various characters’ background has been intriguing. So I was looking forward to seeing what Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen would do with the pet-bot. However, while it had the typically lush and lovely art from Nguyen, I was disappointed in the script. Unlike the previous two issues, it didn’t really tell us much about the character we did not know already. Not a bad issue; it definitely had some poignant moments. Just not as sharp as the previous two.  Continue reading Comic Convo: Image Comics Releases 8/17/2016

Skottie Young at Awesome Con 2016

Skottie Young
Skottie Young (on left)

At Washington DC’s recent Awesome Con I attended a panel where writer/artist Skottie Young discussed his career in comic books. He began with initial inspirations (Joe Madureira, Sam Kieth) and his experience advertising his talent at conventions. Young acknowledged that he required a period of working through these influences (Young was pretty biting about his early endeavors), before he could find his own voice. As with everything, there is a learning curve. He talked about how when he was younger he lacked a grasp of how the industry worked, for example the business model differences between The Big Two and Image. He simply assumed that he would get a chance to draw his characters at any of those companies. As his younger self saw it, someone else was already illustrating Spider-Man, so why hire him to do it? Yet, that is exactly what happened resulting in a string of gigs at Marvel on increasingly high-profile books. Then they offered him an Oz adaptation and he turned it down.

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Review of I Hate Fairyland #11

I Hate Fairyland 11 Skottie Young
Skottie Young

By Skottie Young & Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Oh fluff me, Gert’s back.

Gert, the heroine of Skottie Young’s excellent I Hate Fairyland, has a bit of a temper problem. Now considering that she has spent years stuck in the fantastically infuriating realms of Fairyland with little of hope of returning home, frustration is understandable. It is doubly understandable when the reader remembers that she ceased growing a while back, leaving her with an adult mind in a child’s body. So yes, you would be upset as well. Problem is Gert is not too good at the whole anger management thing. She favors a disembowel first, do not bother with any ####### questions later approach. In such a way, she has been cutting a bloody swath through Fairyland and in the process made some questionable decisions. The second arc concluded with her making a spectacularly poor choice which may have doomed not only herself but all of Fairyland. Luckily those consequences have been postponed for a later date, allowing readers more time for enjoying Gert’s twisted, entertaining antics.

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Freeze Frame, 2-19-16

From I Hate Fairyland #5 by Skottie Young & Jean-Francois Beaulieu

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Freeze Frame 1/22/2016

From I Hate Fairyland #4 by Ryan Ottley
From I Hate Fairyland #4 by Ryan Ottley

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This Week’s Finest: I Hate Fairyland #4

I Hate Fairyland 4 Skottie Young
Skottie Young

By Skottie Young & Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Fluffin’ Fairyland.

For the past twenty-seven years, child Gertrude has been wandering throughout the magical realms of Fairyland in search of the Key which will lead her home. See, she was sucked out of her cozy bedroom and stranded in this colorful world of delights. During the course of her quest she has seen many wild sights and run afoul of a few strange creatures. Her mind has been aged by the experience if her body has not grown a day older. Yeah, it is odd. Gertrude’s patience ran out long ago, replaced by the quick-tempered rage of a woman who just wants a night of peace in her own bed. Is that too much to ask? Apparently yes, as Gertrude and her guide Larry make no progress in their journey, unless by progress, you measure the number of dismembered, bloody corpses that Gertrude leaves in her wake.

This is the premise behind Skottie Young’s first creator-owned title, I Hate Fairyland. He has taken the framework of the traditional child’s tale and twisted it around several times until it bleeds rather copiously. Gertrude has not only a short fuse, but a violent one as well. Her initial reaction to any dilemma is to chop her way through it, preferably with as much G-rated profanity as possible. She is definitely a spirited individual who refuses to take no for an answer, even from the Queen of Fairyland. This headstrong attitude makes her a compelling protagonist, as well as one who is easy to cheer for. Sure she may be a bit vulgar, but you would be too after nearly three decades in this place.

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Freeze Frame 12/18/2015

From Superman American Alien #2 by Tommy Lee Edwards
From Superman American Alien #2 by Tommy Lee Edwards

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