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You should be watching One-Punch, Man


“I’m just a guy who’s a hero for fun…”-Saitama

The next step up for the superhero genre is here and its not in the form of a blockbuster movie, a comic from the big two or even from the Western Hemisphere.

The newest anime on the Toonami block, One-Punch Man, is required viewing for any fan of the superhero genre. Continue reading You should be watching One-Punch, Man

Loose Ends 5/16/2015

A weekly list of comics related writing worth reading

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Tuesday Top Ten: Image Comics Ripe for TV


After hearing that Sex Criminals is going to be adapted for TV, we picked 10 more Image titles that should be adapted next. Books that (as of now) already have deals in the works are disqualified such as: Wytches, Chew, Five Ghosts, Pax Romana, Descender, Lazarus & Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth. Now on to our picks!

Wicked + Divine 5

#10. Wicked+The Divine:

“There are enough mysterious and interesting gods in this series to not only sustain but thrive as a weekly television show. Each episode could spotlight a different god, with constant building of mystery and crossover between all the stories. I think with a Lost-ish formula, Wicked and Divine could be a compelling drama. The key to a big ensemble cast with multiple story lines is a strong leading character that holds it all together. Wicked and Divine passes the test and would make for a great show.”

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