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Indubitable Issues and Pull List (10/11/17)




Tyler’s Recommendation…
Wildstorm Michael Cray #1
“I’ve enjoyed the reboot of Wildstorm very much, so this first solo book has my interest. Being a reader with little knowledge of the old Wildstorm, it has been fun to slowly learn all the players.”
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Black Mask Annouces 2016 Slate Of New Books Including Work By JM DeMatteis, Mathew Rosenberg, Eric Scott Pfeiffer & More

unnamed (2)Black Mask announced a slate of new books for 2016 in addition to the return of Space Riders & We Can Never Go Home. Press release below Continue reading Black Mask Annouces 2016 Slate Of New Books Including Work By JM DeMatteis, Mathew Rosenberg, Eric Scott Pfeiffer & More

Tuesday Top Ten: All Time Favorites Cosmo

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Ask Egg Fu: Vertigo’s Disney Connection

At Nothing But Comics, we’ve recruited DC Comics super-villain Egg Fu to answer your questions about comics!  So send your questions to Egg Fu at nothingbutcomics@gmail.com.

Dear Egg Fu – The owner of my local comic shop noticed that I often buy titles published by DC’s Vertigo imprint, and he told me that Disney had something to do with the creation of Vertigo.  Sadly, shortly after he started telling me the details he was shot and killed by a customer that was enraged by all the white pages in Jonathan Hickman’s comic books.  Can you give me the info on Vertigo’s Disney connection?    – Lisa S.  



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Review of Trinity of Sin #1


by J.M DeMatteis, Jason Gorder, and Yvel Guichet

What has been a looooooonnngggg time coming, then passed, then kept on passing away has come at last; a book starring the Trinity of Sin.

Composed of the Phantom Stranger, Pandora, and the Question; the Trinity of Sin was a trio of people judged by the Council of Wizards (waayyy back in the 2011 FCBD DC issue) to have committed the worst crimes in history. Each was cursed with immortality and sent off to reflect on their crimes; the Stranger for killing his friend and the Savoir of Man, Pandora to watch the 7 Deadly Sins ruin the world before her eyes, and the Question to forever search for his identity that was stripped away by the council.

The issue starts out with the Question introducing his quest for identity, before he and the rest of the Trinity are each attacked by a different demon by an unknown mastermind. And that’s about it.  Each member is sort of attacked in the midst of them relaxing from their curses in unique ways, but how they’re attacked and how it’s resolved are devoid of tension. Each member has magical powers, with the Question said to be of particular strength but that’s never shown why.

The Phantom Stranger comes off as the strongest character despite the fact that I’ve read more from Pandora’s series. He comes across as a character trying to do good and has found a way to do that, by fighting magic-related threats. Pandora and Question are left sort of blank as to what they’ve been doing this whole time.

The art is serviceable but unremarkable.  If you enjoyed the interiors on Phantom Stranger then I imagine you would enjoy this art.

As it stands 2/3’s of this time lacks a sense of identity and compelling traits. Desire for this series is likely at an all-time low so Dematteis has his work cut out for him. I was left bored by the issue and remembering better stories starring the Stranger and Question, and I suspect this series will be DC’s next cancellation. Nonetheless, it is not a bad issue per se and I will buy the next one to see if Dematteis finds a way to make this series more interesting.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent.


Each Tuesday, the NBC Staff will comprise a Top Ten list for whatever the topic is for that week.  In the comments section, we can all compare the lists to see if there were any patterns. Also, feel free to post your own top ten lists. Today we tackle the many relaunches and reboots of comic-books.

Top Ten Comic Book Reboots!

10. Captain America

Captain America never connected with me before I read Ed Brubaker’s take on him. Finally, he was a compelling character. Also, Brubaker brought back Bucky, which, in and of itself, is probably one of the biggest ret-cons ever .

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Review of Futures End #1

mar140164by Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Brian Azzerello, Keith Giffen & Patrick Zircher

After a promising start with the titles FCBD offering Futures End #1 falls flat as an issue that is chliched and boring full of large scale action that lacks any background to make it interesting. Where as #0 introduced an intriguing concept of a future dystopia (one that also gave away who will survive inadvertently) #1 is essentially a bunch of people dying with some douche chills thrown in between that are supposed to pass as character development. Terry McGiniss kill’s a cyborg that hitches a ride into the past, Stormwatch is killed off almost as quickly as they are introduced, Grifter kills a bunch of aliens disguised as a nuclear family and Green Arrow dies in an explosion that could have been prevented had Firestorm not been totally getting some bro. The problem isn’t the death in and of itself although it’s fair to say that it’s WAY overdone here but it’s more that the death means nothing. We aren’t given any reason to care about any of these people other then past continuity, which for one is lazy comic book story telling and two the majority of these character’s are part of canceled series, Grifter having been out of commission for over a year in any meaningful way so it’s not as if any of this will be fresh for people. The art here is in spots great but mostly just an inoffensive generic house style. For a weekly series the debut issue feels rushed and forced without anything to connect the reader to the story. After a strong set up Futures End fails to live up to it’s promise by missing the details in favor of empty “WHOA DEATH AND EXPLOSIONS BRO” moments that inspire at best indifference. Forget the future; this looks like it should have ended before it got started.

Review of FCBD Futures End #0

FE02by Jeff Lemire, Brian Azzarello, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen, Ethan Van Sciver, Patrick Zircher ect

Futures End #0 is probably the most batshit insane comic I’ve read from DC Comics post New 52 but it’s also one of the most interesting and more over it might be one of the best. In it we are placed 25 years in the future as a grey haired Flash, Green Lantern & Batman among other are fighting against a Brother Eye that has overtaken the earth. I know a lot of this has already been on the internet already but it bears mentioning one more time: Superman, Wonderwoman and pretty much every other DC superhero you can think of has been converted to a cyborg controlled by Brother Eye with mechanical bug legs, Frankenstein has Black Canaries head sewed into his chest, it is absolutely fucking nuts in the best way possible. This is Age Of Ultron on blue crystal meth and you know what that’s actually pretty awesome. After a whole year of Bendis doing piss poor time travel stories that go nowhere, mean nothing and were pretty much boring from start to finish it’s kind of refreshing to see a comic do something similar but just go all out on the concept. Moreover considering past product it’s commendable that they’ve managed to pull this off without falling into some of the outright shittiness or stupidity that DC  has struggled with at times in the New 52 when they are taking chances on less familiar characters and concepts. I don’t know how they are going to make 52 issues out of this, where the stories going but after the snooze fest that is Batman Eternal, the uninspired creative team on that Earth 2 series or the September event without creative teams info this is a refreshing new take on DC’s universe which is so crazy that it might actually work.

Review of Larfleeze #10

LarfleezeLarfleeze #10 by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis & Scott Kolins

Purists may wish to cover their ears now.

My favorite Green Lantern is G’Nort.

To be fair, I’ve never read that widely in the Lantern canon. Hal Jordon’s always been either a little too bland or unlikable for me. Guy Garnder’s, well, Guy Garnder. For whatever reason, I’ve never really encountered much with John Stewart or Kyle Rayner. As I said, the Corps were never a big interest for me. Alan Scott is cool, though, not as much as Jay Garrick who is still my favorite Flash (though that’s a debate for another day).

And so, my favorite Lantern is G’Nort. Created by Giffen and DeMatteis during their iconic Justice League run, G’Nort is an alien who resembles a humanoid dog. G’Nort may have his uncle’s graft to thank for his power ring, but, nonetheless he is a devoted teammate. Perhaps not always the smartest or the best fighter, yet still, someone you can count on to stick by you. It also helps that he has an appealing personality. From the moment he appears in this issue, he had me smiling once again. Some mega-powerful demi-god is going on about the trap he has lain for Larfleeze when G’Nort simply wanders over, inserting himself into the conversation. He actually succeeds in derailing the conversation. As I said, there is a good-natured feel to G’Nort, which is immediately winning.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the rest of the issue. Now, part of the problem is that I had never read an issue of this series before now, and possessed near zero knowledge of who Larfleeze is beyond “greedy, Orange Lantern”. It took me several pages to sort out what was going on and who a lot of the supporting characters were. I’m still unclear on the exact nature of the villains. G’Nort was in the issue enough to justify buying it, but, my enjoyment pretty much ground to a halt when he was off panel. If you’re a fan of the character, as I am, that may be worth it for you. For my part, I plan on buying the next two issues with G’Nort as well.

Let’s hope that Larfleeze is stocked up on Kibbles n’ Bits.