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Review of Bug! The Adventures of Forager #1

Bug! The Adventures of Forager 1 Michael Allred
Michael Allred

By Lee Allred, Michael Allred & Laura Allred

The old met the new on Wednesday as DC’s ongoing celebration of Jack Kirby’s centennial crossed paths with the publisher’s newest imprint, Young Animal. This blending of sensibilities is not novel for Young Animal; Shade the Changing Girl is a homage to both Steve Ditko’s original stories along Peter Milligrin and Chris Bachalo’s iconic 90s take for Vertigo. In this case, Bug! The Adventures of Forager is a new limited series centered on a minor player from Jack Kirby’s sprawling New Gods cosmology. Forager is a member of a race of humanoid creatures called bugs which compose the working class of New Genesis. They are viewed, often dismissively, as nameless, interchangeable laborers in the machinery of New Genesis. Forager, however, feels the tug of independence, a sensation reinforced by the suggestion that his destiny lies above, not below, the surface. The opening page of Bug! relates this background information in a succinct manner while also delightfully establishing the series’ idiosyncratic tone.

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Embracing the Fantastic…


The Fantastic Four was the book that kicked off the Marvel Universe as we know it, and its a title that has proven challenging to reinvent since the 60s. It still has an impressive history, rife with runs for those looking to dive in in preparation for the upcoming reboot from Fox. Instead of a Top Ten, this is more of a discussion of my favorite stories/runs that people new to Marvel’s First Family might enjoy…

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Three More New DC Comics Series Coming In October

Dan Jurgens Will be Working on Superman: Lois & Clark with Lee Weeks,  Convergence writer Jeff King will be doing a series on the main villain, Telos & Dan Abneet will be writing The Secret History Of The Teen Titans.

Neal Adams will be launching a series titled The Coming Of The Superman in December of 2015. Six issues dealing with all of Jack Kirby’s characters fighting Superman.

An Interview With Esoteric of Czarface

Right to left: DJ 7L, Esoteric & Inspektah Deck are Czarface
Left to right: DJ 7L, Esoteric & Inspektah Deck are Czarface

Comics & Hip-Hop culture’s ties run pretty deep. Many of the same rappers that defined the medium in what’s often refered to as the golden age grew up reading Spiderman, Star Wars & X-Men books off the bodega spinner racks in cities all over the northeast while vibing out to early Def Jam artists like Run DMC, Public Enemy, LL Cool J & Slick Rick. Rapper Esoteric comes from that generation and comics iconography has had a profound influence on his music for the entirety of his career. Coming up with DJ 7L under the group name 7L & Esoteric,  the group arrived on the hip hop scene in 1996 with the b-side single Secret Wars that paid homage Marvel Comics & the breakout hit Be Alert that sampled the Transformers TV theme. Whether with his long time DJ as 7L & Esoteric or in one of the many expanded crews like Demigods or Army Of Pharaohs, Esoteric’s music has continued to be informed by comics mythology. In 2013, Esoteric teamed with 7L and legendary Wu-Tang wordsmith Inspectah Deck to form the group Czarface. After exceeding expectations on their debut album the trio has returned with the vibrant follow up, Every Hero Needs A Villian, which came out on Tuesday.

Every Hero is one of the most comic’s centric & straight up east coast boom bap rap albums in years. It doesn’t make songs about comics that we’ve already read, it uses comics idea’s and concepts to make classic blue collar, punch you in the face and snatch your chain east coast hip hop. It’s the type of album that evokes the feeling of running from the police while referencing Cyclops. In addition to the music, rapper Esoteric wrote his first comic book to go with the album which reads like Jack Kirby had he been brought up on Wu-Tang Clan. Below Esoteric & I talk about how comics influenced his raps, the brand new Czarface album, what he’s currently reading & making pro wrestling move’s comparable to Marvel superhero’s for role playing purposes. Continue reading An Interview With Esoteric of Czarface

Tuesday Top Ten: Our Favorite Avengers

With the new Avengers film in theater’s in mere days let’s talk about Nothing But Comics favorite Avengers over the titles long history.

Avengers-12-Best-Comic-Cover10. Thor: As one of the core members of the Avengers in the early inception of the concept Thor’s association with The Avengers in seperable. While the fact that having a members powers be god level could be utilized as the ultimate deuse ex-machina, the best Avengers creators find a way to realize his awesome powers to stunning results. Think the battle with Hulk in Avengers vs Defenders War, his relentless pursuit of victory in Ultron Unlimited or when he allows his hammer to travel across the cosmos and land right through a leading builder in Infinity, Thor is the Avenger with the most epic moments. But moreover, putting Thor with other teammates helps in humanizing the character in a way that is more difficult then would be in his solo books, perfectly encapsulated by how he was disguised as a cowboy in The Serpent Crown. At his best, Thor’s role in the Avengers utilizes both how goofy and awesome the character is equal measure.   Continue reading Tuesday Top Ten: Our Favorite Avengers

Indubitable Issues





 Cosmo looks “North” with…
cThe Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #4
Fun adventure +  endearing characters + great art = the best new Marvel title of the year so far. Need any other reason to pick it up? OK, Tippy-Toe is the new Pizza Dog (who was the new Lying Cat, who was, anyway . . .). Just buy this awesome series before I resort to pestering you with bad nut puns . . .

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Avengers Magazine #1 Review


With perhaps the most anticipated movie of the decade coming to the US next week, and the 52nd anniversary of its source material, Marvel has put together this magazine to celebrate.

The magazine contains an interview with the son of Jack “King” Kirby, and blurbs from prominent writers and artists that have worked on the Avengers including Stan Lee.

There’s also some nice sketch pages from recent Avengers artists, and a preview for “Avengers: Rage of Ultron”.

What might be of most interest to readers is a list of all current Avengers, as well as bio pages for the main roster (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, and Hawkeye).

For long-time  or new fans, this magazine can act as a good primer for “Avengers:Age of Ultron” and/or an entry way into the Avengers comics.

Why Aren’t You Reading This? 10/02/13

Each week, the NBC Staff will share various comics we think are worthy to be your pull list.  These issues will be picked based upon just how excited we are for them to come out.  We dig them, and you might too.

Feel free to let us know what YOU think WE should be reading in the comment section below.

Apologizing to Cosmo for changing my pick…Ukerupp thinks you should try:

aug130332Hinterkind #1

Ian Edginton and Francesco Trifogli

For two weeks in a row, I have chosen a Vertigo book, and you all have no idea how happy that makes me.  While I love the superhero comics, I am always interested in what else is happen outside of the world of capes and tights.  Vertigo unleashes its next series in the wave of greatness.  What do I know about this series?  Absolutely nothing besides the blurb in the solicitation.  However, just looking at the cover I get a sense of something special brewing.

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Tuesday’s Top Ten: DC Villain Edition (updated!)

Each Tuesday, the gang will comprise their own top ten list for whatever the topic is for that week.  In the comments section, we can all compare the lists to see if there were any patterns. Also, feel free to post your own top ten lists.
As it is Villains Month over at DC, we decided to create a top ten list of our favorite DC baddies.  Despite your feelings for DC’s cash grab  strategy, the publisher has some of the greatest villains–maybe of any medium.

Ghostmann’s Top Ten DC Villains

1. The Joker

Jock’s best cover ever!

Come on, do I even need to explain myself?

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