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STAFF REVIEW! Battling Boy

battling-boyOne of my best friends is an aspiring screen writer. We’ve often talked about different idea’s we’ve had for movies and on my end comic books. Recently he approached me about writing our own superhero comics and how we would each write our own seperate hero in a shared universe. I was skeptical,  the markets proven that most superhero idea’s have been done already. Successful creator owned work has covered a lot of different genre’s over the years but new superhero’s hasn’t really been one of them. We’ve seen Mark Millar spend over a decade trying to create a new superhero universe that rivals the big two to no avail while Brian K Vaughan, Robert Kirkman, Brian Wood and Ed Brubaker have reached unparalleled success doing creator owned comics that had little to nothing in common with traditional superhero comics. Sometimes a revelation appears where you least expect it and whenever your about to say “it can’t be done” it’s almost inevitable that it can and will. So I’m happy to say I was wrong because Battling Boy is a fantastic new Super Hero story from star creator Paul Pope and it’s a comic that rests within the traditional superhero narrative while completely re-configuring it to fit Pope’s unique vision. It is the first time in a very long time that I can remember reading a new traditional super hero story that was as exciting, fresh and well done as the genre can be.

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