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Freeze Frame 5/19/2017

From The Spirit The Corpse Makers #3 by Francesco Francavilla

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Freeze Frame 8/21/2015

From Birthright #10 by Andrei Bressan & Andriano Lucas
From Birthright #10 by Andrei Bressan & Andriano Lucas

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Review of Howard the Human #1

Howard the Human 1 Jim Mahfood
Jim Mahfood

By Skottie Young, Jim Mahfood & Justin Stewart

As its title suggests, this Secret Wars tie-in is a play on Howard the Duck. Indeed, the tag-line on the cover (“Trapped in a Battleworld he never made!”) is a take-off of Howard the Duck’s famous “Trapped in a world he never made!” The specific domain that poor Howard finds himself confined in is New Quack City, a realm made up entirely of anthropomorphic animals. Howard is the only hairless ape (to use another Duck reference) in the place. For the most part, he has been able to scratch by, though boy, he really wishes that eggs and bacon were legal again.
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Review of Captain Victory & Galactic Rangers #6

Captain Victory and The Galactic Rangers 6by Joe Casey, Nathan Fox, Tradd Moore, Nick Dragotta, Michel Fiffe, Dan McCaid, Benjamin Marra, Jim Mahfood, Grant Morrison

The miniseries, Captain Victory & The Galactic Rangers ended on it’s 6th issue the way it’s always been as a wonderful celebration of genre and the true scope of influence that Jack Kirby has had on modern story telling. In it’s finale, Captain Victory is mostly a summary of issue’s past that doubles as a mission statement by Joe Casey & Nathan Fox on the power of imagination in comics and it’s small part in the cosmic balance between good and evil. It also filled with a beautiful series of four panel pages featuring a different artist in each square representing the fantastic world of Captain Victory with art by the likes of Tradd Moore, Nick Dragotta, Jim Mahfood, Michel Fiffe, Benjamin Marra and even Grant Morrison. Issue six is the perfect ending for a comic that was always a celebration of the medium and an attempt at pushing it forward. For all the comics that Marvel and DC put out featuring creations by Jack Kirby, this book was the best at utilizing them, the one that was most worthy of carrying his name and the one that did his legacy proud. It’s a deliriously imaginative, wonder filled, thoughtful and boundary pushing epic that comics needs more of. While this version of the Captain Victory may be concluding here, it’s part of a grand legacy that lives infinitely in our hearts and expands out across the universe, one more step on the bridge towards cosmic conscious.

Review of Miami Vice Remix #1

664799_2fe51c786c8313973cac11a787d6e230a0999148by Joe Casey & Jim Mahfood

Joe Casey has been on a roll for the last two years with a string of thoughtful and enjoyable comics work in creator owned and fringe work for hire assignments. The latter has surprisingly been among some of his most enjoyable work as he created large scale cosmic freak out mini epics on Catalyst Comix & Captain Victory respectively. On Miami Vice Remix, Casey continues that trend of working on the margins of comics IP while wading into the crime genre and it’s a change that unfortunately doesn’t totally work. This version of Miami Vice is set in the present day and involves a drug that turns people into zombies of some sort, there is a loose reference to it’s legend in traditional voodoo that will probably be explored further as the series progresses. For the debut issue it’s mostly set up with a car chase or two thrown in for good measure but not a whole lot else. Casey is one of comics best writers at giving unique and engaging voices to characters of questionable morality and while that should be an asset in this book, it doesn’t really transition well from one part to the next and it gets to the point where everybody feels indistinguishable from one another. That plus the lack of plot  makes for a writing performance that’s far below the standard that Casey has established for himself over his twenty plus years in comics, let alone the last few prolific ones. Artist Jim Mahfood does his best with what he has to work with, his sharp but abstract line style is as vibrant here as it’s ever been. That part of Miami Vice Remix feels alive and almost gives it purpose but it’s negated from being hallowed out at it’s core.

Joe Casey to Work on Revival of Jack Kirby’s Captain Victory

captain-victory-teaser-625x989Superstar Writer Joe Casey of Sex, Catalyst Comix , Batman Superman, Adventures of Superman, Cable, Wildcats 2.0 and X-Men will work with a plethora of talented artists including Ulises Farinas, Michel Fiffe and Benjamin Marra on a revival of Jack Kirby’s Captain Victory from Dynamite comics. Find out more information via Robot 6. Read mine and Dean’s thought’s on Joe Casey’s Sex here and here as well as my thoughts on Catalyst Comics here and interview with Michel Fiffe here