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New York Comic Con News & Things 10/8/2017 Part Two

There is a flurry of announcements coming out New York Comic Con, this is some of the news that’s been revealed so far from the one of the worlds largest comics convention

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Do You Believe in Magic?


Before the rise of Science Fiction, most stories used mysticism and the supernatural as the methods of development while today, plots often rely on speculative science or modern ideas of reality over spells, potions, incantations, and curses. While the Big Two are not necessarily adverse to magic, they seem shy about relying on it. Continue reading Do You Believe in Magic?

Tuesday Top Ten: The Best Detectives in Comics

Celebrating those whose analytic minds never fail to astound with astute observations, who track down clues, and give their all against the criminal underworld…
The Shadow #25 Alex Ross
 10. The Shadow:
 “Howard Chaykin, Bill Sienkiewicz, Garth Ennis, Denny O’Neil, Kyle Baker, Matt Wagner; these are just a handful of names that have taken on evergreen crusader in modern comics. A fixture in the pulp magazines of the early 20th century and an influence of Batman, The Shadow has found a second life in ongoing comics within it’s modern age. Sometimes elegant, sometimes brutal and often both, comics creators continue to create new and intriguing mysteries for the Shadow to take on in exploring the depths of evil that lurks in the hearts of men.”

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A Sidelong look at Constantine

Constantine TV Series

(Spoilers Follow)

Tonight is a special occasion for DC fans of the CW’s Arrow, and the occult anti-hero John Constantine whose self-titled series on the NBC network was cut short. Tonight, the “Arrowverse” gets a bit bigger by inviting John Constantine into its less darker world to share in a bit of magical mayhem. Seems like a good time to look back on Johnny boy’s last outing and what brought him to this point in the comic book zeitgeist.

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Freeze Frame 7/10/2015

From Shutter #13 By Leila Del Duca
From Shutter #13 By Leila Del Duca

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Cthulhu Asks Tough Questions – The Ming Doyle Interview

Malevolent cosmic deity and comics connoisseur Cthulhu likes to critique comics via Twitter (@ClockpunkEllis).  Cthulhu also reaches out to comics creators on Twitter to ask them tough, personal questions.  This week, Cthulhu contacted Ming Doyle, the artist of great comics such as The Kitchen and Mara.  It was recently announced that Doyle will be writing the upcoming DC Comics series Constantine: The Hellblazer, starring occult anti-hero John Constantine, so Cthulhu contacted Doyle to ask her a tough question about Constantine.

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Writers – Ming Doyle and James Tynion IV; Artists – Riley Rossmo and Brian Level; Colorist – Ivan Plascencia; Publisher – DC Comics

Perhaps some readers of this review have had sex in a public park.  If so, I hope that none of these readers were attacked by flesh-rending tree creatures, as was the case for an unlucky couple in the opening pages of Constantine: The Hellblazer #7.

These attacks on young romantics in New York City’s Central Park bring plant elemental Swamp Thing to John Constantine’s home, seeking the anti-hero magician’s help. Constantine and Swamp Thing have a challenging relationship, but familiarity with the past history of these characters is unnecessary to enjoy the story.

The two work together to solve the mystery and stop the killings. But Constantine receives a warning  – similar to others that he has received in previous issues – from an ally that magical forces are threatening New York, and that he should be wary of impending trouble.

The story by writers Ming Doyle and James Tynion IV establishes the horrific premise of this issue, but also provides some wonderful humor.  The odd couple chemistry between Swamp Thing and Constantine creates some laughable moments, and Swamp Thing’s encounters with the people of New York are hilarious.

Artists Riley Rossmo and Brian Level, with colorist Ivan Plascenia, provide a shadowy, scratchy look for the comic, which is perfect for the horror elements, but the art team also neatly depicts the interesting character qualities and humor elements of the story.

Readers looking for a horror adventure comic with some great humor and art should check out this comic.