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Tuesday Top Ten: All Time Favorites Dean

Nothing But Comics is about to hit our two-year mark and in observance of the site’s anniversary, every Tuesday from now until we finish, one of our staff members will list off their favorite series, runs or issues of all time. This week it’s Dean. Continue reading Tuesday Top Ten: All Time Favorites Dean

Review of Jacked #1

JackedBy Eric Kripke and John Higgins

I’m not sure what to think of Jacked. It is Wanted meets Limitless except for one problem, it isn’t unique enough and therefore doesn’t match up to those titles. It is a decent comic with some funny pages, but there is nothing that makes it stand out. Eric Kripke, creator of the hit show Supernatural, paces the story very well. While John Higgins brings a terrific Steve Dillon like style of art to the book. There is really nothing “wrong” with this comic, but in a terrific week of books, it doesn’t stand out.

The story flows like that of a television show or a movie. It’s fast paced and gets into the conflict immediately. The main character Josh is what we would call “a loser”. He is a middle aged man sporting the middle aged man’s body. To go along with his bad back, enlarged prostate and hemorrhoids, he has no job and no hope of getting one any time soon. Josh has boring sex with his wife and spends most of his afternoons taking himself on a “J” date instead of brushing up on his interview skills. Like I said, the guy is a loser. But, here is where Eric hits you with a little character depth. Josh is stuck in a vicious cycle. He wants to be that man his wife married; he wants to be the great dad his kids look up to. Josh can tell his wife has lost respect for him and when that happens, good luck finding respect for yourself. The want to be a better man is strong inside Josh, but the scars of rejection and the mundane keeps the drive low as he crawls through his lackluster life.

One night surfing the net, Josh finds a drug that can turn things around. It’s a drug that will help him focus so he can finally nail one of these interviews.  His drug of choice is “Jacked”. It comes in the mail, he takes a pill and after a psychedelic trip he finds the strength to save a man from a burning car. The drug doesn’t just make him focused, it seems to give him an incredible strength. No matter how much of a loser Josh is, we can’t help but cheer for the guy. But, you know what they say? With great power comes the burning desire for more power. This drug has the potential to turn Josh’s life around, but it is suggested he runs into a few speed bumps along the way.

Jacked #1 is a very good introduction for Kripke and Higgins. The art is top notch and the characterization of Josh and his family is spot on. Unfortunately it is all just too familiar and doesn’t bring anything new and exciting to the table.

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