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Freeze Frame 2/10/2018

From Vs. #1 by Esad Ribic & Nic Klein

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Freeze Frame 6/12/2015

From Descender #4 by Dustin Nyguen
From Descender #4 by Dustin Nguyen

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Many, Many, Many, Dope Ass Exclusive Hellboy & The BPRD 1952 #1 for The Hero Intiative

You can now buy ONE OF ONE specially designed covers for Hellboy & The BPRD 1952 #1 to benefit the Hero’s Iniative. For the next ten weeks, Dark Horse will be auction off ten exclusive covers on e-bay to bid on from some of the comics best and brightest artists. Which artists you ask? Let’s see we have; Mike Mignola (naturally), Bill Sienkiwicz, John Cassady, Rafeal Albuquerque, Chris Samnee, Francis Manipul, Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, Garbiel Hardman, Riley Rossmo, Jenny Frisson, Chris Burnham, John McCrea, Ben Templesmith, Art Baltazar, James Harren, Skott Kollins, Scott Koblish, Jeff Lemire, Michael Avon Oeming, Jeff Parker, Paolo Rivera, Todd Nauck, Darick Robertson, Michael Walsh, Javier Pudilo, Sina Grace, Phil Hester, Tom Raney, Mike Norton, Max Fiumara, Tim Seely, Ty Templeton, Jim Valentino, Clayton Crain, Jim Zub & WAY WAY MORE

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All-Star Section 8 #1 Review

DIG056859_2by Garth Ennis, John McCrea

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a Garth Ennis comic, let alone one published by DC Comics. Seeing him writing anything at the BIg 2, let alone 2 different mini-series at each company is surprising but hopefully a taste of more to come.

The story opens with the team on par with the Justice League, the one we the readers never knew (and if you’re like me and didn’t read Ennis’ Hit-Man you really don’t know them). After that the book switches to a charming art curator in Gotham City, who then falls off the AA wagon and reawakens as a pudgy superhero called Six-Pac. He decides that a great threat is about to envelope the world and must reassemble Section 8 to combat it. He calls in 7 people who were previously rejected, but struggles to find an 8th member. Seeing Batman across the street, he begs him to join before he angrily refuses and drives off.

The art by John McCrea is dirty, dark, detailed, and a perfect fit for Ennis’ writing style. One of my favorite parts of the issue was McCrea paying homage to famous Batman artists by recreating them on the page for absolutely no reason at all. Batman literally changes costume 6-8 times, all to play up the joke. McCrea also captures that classic Vertigo-esque style.

As funny and off-beat as the jokes were (it’s nice to know the “Not You People” bit is still funny after 2012), there wasn’t much story to follow. Usually that isn’t a problem and if Ennis wants to lampoon DC characters for 6 issues that’s perfectly fine, but I’m not clear on if that is the case. Nonetheless, there’s enough here to bring me back next month to see where Ennis is going with the next 5 issues and the roster of Section 8.

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Review of The Mythic #1

Mythic 1by Phil Hester and John McCrea

First thing’s first. This book is $1.99. If you missed out this week, make sure you add it to the list next week. It is definitely worth checking out for $1.99. Mythic is set in a strange world. A world where there are monsters, where the sun is being pulled across the heavens by a flaming chariot, where earthquakes are lizard-demons wrestling below the earth and where the tides rise and fall with the weeping of an immortal princess who sleeps beneath the shore. Did I forget to mention, this strange world is our world? We have been lied to so we can better understand how the world works. Science was created to explain the “laws” of the earth, because then we don’t have to believe we live in this fantastical place.

Mythic has potential to be an interesting series. It will definitely be ridiculous at most times, but that is what makes it enjoyable. Every scientific fact we think we know will be tested by this Mythic team. In Issue #1 there has been a drought and the team has been sent in to remedy it. They explain to the local police that it rains because the mountains and the clouds have sex, after they bang, it always rains. However, apparently storm cloud has a wandering eye and mountain is giving him the freeze out. So what is the plan? How can you get rock and cloud to do the dance with no pants? Well, that one is easy. Flirt with the mountain to make the cloud jealous. Yes that is right. This book contains a man attempting to flirt with a mountain to make a storm cloud jealous. It is completely outrageous, ridiculous and fantastic! I definitely want to read more of this book to see what else they can come up with and for $1.99 just give it a try.

– Dean