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Freeze Frame 11/17/2017

From East of West #35 by Nick Dragotta & Frank Martin

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Freeze Frame 9/22/2017

From Batwoman #7 by Fernando Blanco & John Rauch

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Review of The Beauty #3

673186_707cdd62b559cb052456f2a52d4a919822fa8da7By Jeremy Haun, Jason A. Hurley and John Rauch

From the beginning, The Beauty has been a strong societal commentary but refreshingly from an angle I have never seen before. If you missed my review of issue #2 I’ll catch you up. The book is set in a world where a large percentage of the population have an STD which makes you more attractive. This immediately brings up the question, how far will we go to look what society has deemed beautiful. Issue #3 of The Beauty is the information dump issue. Jeremy and Jason use the introduction of a new character to deliver some background information, as we have been thrown into this world with no instruction manual.

The new character in this issue is anti-beauty activist and basically perceived terrorist Jake Lundy. He rescues Detective Vaughn and Detective Foster from the little parking garage shootout they found themselves in. Jake Lundy explains to the Detectives that people with the Beauty are in fact spontaneously combusting and he knew this would happen, as he was part of the research team trying to find a cure. When Lundy and his partner Eddie Bennett were working on a medication they stumbled upon a cure with a few minor side effects. Lundy and Eddie brought this information to the attention of  their superiors and here comes the pharmaceutical conspiracy theory commentary; they were told to bury all research about a cure and focus on a life extending medication. Refusing to work with such a corrupt company, Lundy and Bennett escaped the corporation but ended up going separate ways. Bennett focusing on his anger and Lundy focusing on the research. The stage is now set. All of the pieces are in place. A societal commentary on how far we will go to achieve beauty, a conspiracy theory on pharmaceutical companies and an anger vs hope battle of best friends much like Professor X and Magneto. Throw in a few Beauty carrying detectives who want a cure and we have ourselves a pretty deep story to go along with this great book premise. Oh, and don’t forget the guy at the end with the Dia de los Muertos mask and a murderous amount of knives who says to a group of gas masked soldiers, “Let’s have some fun”. The Beauty is continuing to impress each month.

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