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Bananas Foster: Introducing Kids to Comics

DonaldDuck          This week at The Banana Stand I wanted to discuss fostering a love of comics in the next generation.  I have a four year-old nephew Enzo, who in my biased opinion, is one of the coolest people alive.  Early on I made it my mission to be the Uncle who helped him learn how awesome reading is, and discover the wide variety of stories that are out there.  I didn’t want to force my interests on him, but I wanted to introduce him to books and comics about things he already liked.  For instance, he was crazy about Disneyland–as all So Cal kids are–from the time he could talk, so whenever he was over and ready for a nap, I pulled out my Carl Barks’ Donald Duck hardcover, and would read it to him.  He seemed to really enjoy it, some days he wasn’t up for it, but mostly he was game.  As his interests developed, one day he came over and instead of reading we watched the Justice League animated series, and this opened his eyes to the world of super-heroes.  Continue reading Bananas Foster: Introducing Kids to Comics

Retrospect: The DC Animated Universe

I am Vengeance. I am the Night. I– Am– Batman!

batman animated

Those are some of the first words I remember from my early childhood. Words that are forever cemented in my mind, as well as many others, and the motto of the game-changing animated series that began what later became known as the “DC Animated Universe.”

For those of you who don’t know, that title has been affectionately given by us fans for the universe that spanned 8 TV shows, 6 full-length features, and a wholly separate earth in the comics’ Multiverse. Today, I’ll be guiding you through a (probably not) brief history of the franchise, its legacy and impact, and per usual a lingering question. Continue reading Retrospect: The DC Animated Universe