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Palmiotti and Gray to Launch New Star Spangled War Stories Series in July 2014


Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray of  All-Star Western, Batwing, 21 Down, The Resistance, Powergirl and Monolith will team with artist  Scott Hampton of Silverheels, Batman: Gotham County Line, Simon Dark, Sandman Presents Lucifer and Spookhouse for Star Spangled War Stories a comic about a “GI Zombie” coming July 2nd 2014. More details via DC

This Week’s Finest 1/22/14: Harley Quinn #2


You know that plucky girl that can’t be knocked down? Full of energy, joy, and homicidal tendencies? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Harley is that kind of girl. Out of all the DC ladies, Harley holds a special place for my heart (in her freezer).  Ever since the “Batman:  The Animated Series”, I’ve been rooting for that loony woman to get her puddin’. Thank you Bruce Timm and Paul Dini for making me encourage a violent domestic relationship!

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“GONE TOO SOON FROM THE NEW 52! G.I. Combat: The Other American Heroes

G.I. CombatThis may be the roughest one yet.

Back in the day, DC published a variety of books including War comics. “Weird War Comics”, “The Unknown Soldier”, and “Sgt. Rock” ‘were some of the big names. Like Western and Romance comics, War comics fell out of the readers favor. So for the New 52 DC dusted off a property called “G.I. Combat”.

“G.I. Combat” was an anthology series originally published by Quality Comics in the 1950s before being bought out by DC. The title focused on Cold War themed stories before switching to a World War II setting. DC kept the title going before canceling it in the 1980s.

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