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San Diego Comic Con News & Things 7/21/2017 Part Two

There is a flurry of announcements coming out San Diego Comic Con, this is some of the news that’s been revealed so far from the largest comics convention Continue reading San Diego Comic Con News & Things 7/21/2017 Part Two

New DC Line Of Comics Spinning Out of Dark Night Event

DC Comics will launch a new line of comics titled Dark Matter spinning out of the previously announces Dark Nights: Metal event. The titles will include a new version of The Challengers of The Unknown by Scott Snyder & Andy Kubert with additional series by James Tynion IV & Jim Lee, Dan Abnett & John Romita Jr, Dan Didio, Justin Jordan, Justin Jordan’s beard & Kenneth Rocafort, Robert Vendetti & Tondy Daniels. More details at EW

Image Announces New Titles From Lemire, Kot, Del Duca, Shalvey & more At ECCC

c5-nme5wmae5fysOn Thursday, Image Comics announced several new series during a panel at Emerald City Comic Con. Writer Jeff Lemire will team with artist Phil Hester for a new ongoing title,  Ales Kot announced two new series with artist Tradd Moore and Andre Lima Arujo, Declan Shalvey will be writing and drawing an original graphic novel,  Jordie Bellaire will be writing and coloring a new ongoing series with Vanessa Del Rey on art, Leila Del Duca will be illustrating a ongoing title written by Sarah Vaughan, Klaus Janson will be writing and drawing his first creator owned comic with additional illustrations by Pablo Raimondi, Matt Wagner will be completing his iconic Mage title and Lumberjanes co-creator Grace Ellis will be launching a new ongoing series with illustrator Shae Beagle. Additional new titles were also announced by Joe Casey & Ulises Farinas, Joe Keating, Justin Jordan & his beard, plus more. Details at CBR

Aftershock Reveals Creative Line Up

aftershock1After Mike Marts left Marvel Comics earlier in 2015 to start his own comics publisher, Aftershock, the company just revealed the line up of creators working on properties with the publisher. Garth Ennis, Jimmy Palmioti, Amanda Conner, Frank Barbierie, Marguerite Bennett, Justin Jordan, Phil Hester & Paul Jenkins will all be doing creator owned work with the new imprint. Neil Gaiman, Jim Starlin, Amy Chu & Brian Stelfleeze will all be contributing to it’s initial anthology. More details at Deadline

Review of The Legacy of Luther Strode #1

Legacy of Luther Strode 1By Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore

Before Dead Body Road, before Green Lantern, before Deep State and before The Spread, Justin Jordan created Luther Strode. Do not be fooled by the #1 on this issue. Jordan has been telling the story of Luther since 2011. The first book that started it all and launched Jordan’s fresh new career was called The Strange Talent of Luther Strode. The story of a young boy who sends away for a muscle building program which ends up unlocking something inside he never knew existed. Suddenly this teen who has regular problems, like bullies and girls, has a drastically changing body along with incredible strength. It begins like a classic superhero origin story, however this story is a tragedy and quickly takes a dark turn. We take a look at a life that unravels as a result of the power. Gaining powers does not make everything rainbows and butterflies. What would a boy do who loses everything as a result of his actions. That is Luther. The second collection of this series is called The Legend of Luther Strode. Strode’s name is being whispered in the back alleys, as crime lords hear about him but refuse to believe it. Luther emerges from the shadows and brings the fight to whoever is willing. Finally that brings us to The Legacy of Luther Strode. The final arc in the trilogy of Luther Strode story lines. Luther is no longer just a Legend, the bad dudes know he is real, and they know he is real dangerous too. By no means is Luther a hero. He is more of an anti hero, like the Punisher but slightly more sadistic. If you are not with Luther, than you are against him and if you are against Luther you will probably be looking at your insides relatively soon.

Tradd Moore is a rock star. The art on this book is phenomenal. Tradd Moore draws such unique fight scenes. The detail he puts into fatal wounds and blood spatter is enough to make you cringe. His art on this extremely violent first issue of Luther Strode is fantastic. He brings so much life into this dark story.

This issue is 40 pages of adrenaline junkie action from the first scene, which is a look at the biblical warrior Samson slaughtering hundreds of men, to a car chase mid issue. You never get a second to take a breath. After the Samson scene we meet up with Luther and girlfriend Petra who have been captured by the police. Police are no match for Strode. He makes quick work on the officers and escapes with little struggle. Luther then hunts down a sibling duo with similar strength power to him and tries to get them to stop their murderous rampage. They obviously don’t oblige which pleases me because it results in a super powered throw down.

With the combination of Moore’s incredible art in this book and Jordan’s fantastically dark characters, The Legacy of Luther Strode is off to a terrific start. If you have not read the first two stories of Luther Strode don’t worry about it, you can catch up later. Start reading Legacy today! It is an action packed thrill ride, with few stops along the way.

– Dean





Alex suggests sleeping with one eye open…
bw1Black Widow #2 
This was a sleeper hit for me two weeks ago.  I’ve never been a big Avengers fan–especially a Natasha fan–but I figured with a solid creative team I should check it out.  This was easily my favorite issue from that week, and I’m expecting nothing less than this time around.  It’s fun, exciting, sexy, and all around bad ass!
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