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Indubitable Issues and Pull List (03/23/16)




Cosmo’s Recommendations …
BloodshotRebornAnnual1Bloodshot Reborn Annual #1
“Jeff Lemire & friends take a break from the brooding for the wacky. A collection of oddball tales, this is probably the most fun Bloodshot issue you’ll read. Best of all, even with the change of tone, the creators never forget how to make Bloodshot compelling  . . .”

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Freeze Frame 10/2/2015

From Sandman Overture #6 by JH Williams III & Dave Stewart
From Sandman Overture #6 by JH Williams III & Dave Stewart

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Review: Bloodshot Annual 2016 #1


By Jeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes, Michel Fiffe, Benjamin Marra, Kano, Joe Bennett, Belardino Brabo, Jay Fabares, Pete Pantazis & Jose Villarrubia

Bloodshot has never been one of Valiant’s more lighthearted characters. He is a ruthless killer, who in the past has often possessed more firearms than personality. Recently, however, the character has been deepening. This shift has largely due to writer Jeff Lemire, first in The Valiant (co-written with Matt Kindt), then in the current ongoing series Bloodshot Reborn. For Reborn, Lemire has plunged Bloodshot into full angst mood, as he debates whether he is fated to live a savagely violent life. Along the way, Lemire has tossed in some lighthearted asides, particularly in #5’s Bloodsquirt centric issue. For the most part though, the mood has remained solemn. That ambiance (mostly) shifts for the annual, however, as Lemire and his collaborators fully embrace their wacky side. The result are some fun stories which offer fans something different while not altering the essential nature of the character.

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Freeze Frame 4/2/2014

Meanwhile this happened-Pat by Ulises Farinas from Judge Dredd; Mega City Two #3



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Updated: Valiant Debuting New Titles Each Month of the Remaining Year

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Updated: Press release, solicitation information, covers and preview art below.

Valiant had some big announcements with new titles and one coming to an end. Matt Kindt of Unity, Mind MGMT, Super Spy, Revolver, Suicide Squad, JLA and Marvel Knights Spierman will work with Clayton Crain of Ghost Rider, Carnage, X-Force and The Darkness launching the title Rai in may of 2014. Fred Van Lente of Archer and Armstrong, Action Philosophers, The Incredible Hercules and Marvel Zombies, James Asmus of Quantum and Woody, Captain America and Bucky and Gambit will join forces with artist Kano of Action Comics, Marvel Zombies and The Immortal Iron Fist for the title The Delinquents in August of 2014. Jen Van Meter of Hopeless Savages and JSA Allstars teams with artist Robert De La Torre of Shadowman, Invincible Iron Man, Dardevil and Spiderman will be launching The Death Defying Dr Mirage in September 2014. There will also be an Armor Wars miniseries as well as tie in Aromor Wars mini series for Bloodshot and Harbinger in July 2014. Bloodshot and The Hard Corps will end in July 2014. Another new series will be launching in October 2014 but details have not been published at this time.

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Advanced Review: The Delinquents #1

unnamed (2)This is an advanced review for a comic that is coming out on Wednesday of this week meaning there will be plot points written about that you may or may not consider spoilers. So if your the type of person that get’s upset about those things I’d say you need to reevaluate your life but I’ll also warn that this may spoil the reading experience but not really because plot points really have very little to do with the quality of the craft. Consider this a warning. Or not. Whatever I don’t care.

by James Asmus, Fred Van Lente & Kano

The Delinquents is a new series from Valiant that acts as a fitting book end to writer James Asmus excellent run on Quantum & Woody exploring many of the same themes while utilizing the same manic humor and story telling that made the later title a success. It is a hilarious satire of corporate culture and American history that manages to incorporate the world and styles of both Q&W and Archer & Armstrong while still holding the distinct voice of it’s author with artist Kano brings a unique visual aesthetic further expanding on the comics singularity in vision and execution. If you love Asmus writing on Quantum & Woody you will love this as it’s essentially that but a little bit sharper, a little bit more creative, a little bit more expansive and overall a little bit better.

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