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Freeze Frame 1/19/2018

From Future Quest Presents #6 by Steve Rude & John Kalisz

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A Black Hat Review Adventure (Part Two) – Doc Savage Special 2014

Doc Savage Special 2014

(NOTE: This is the second part of a review pulp novel.  You can read the first part here.) 

BH2Chapter 4:  The Astrologer

The Black Hat turned to face his adversary.  For weeks, the Astrologer had eluded him and terrorized his city, and the hero was determined that tonight would be their first and final confrontation.  The shadows concealed his enemy’s features.  The Astrologer appeared a foreboding silhouette, his evil features hidden in darkness.

“At last, I meet the Black Hat,” he yelled.  “I thought you would be taller.”  The rogue’s laughter was piercing and distracting.

The Black Hat only barely dodged a blow from the robot.  Although he knew it was not the proper time for introspection, the vigilante could not help but remember the Doc Savage Special 2014, and it’s lovely protagonist, Patricia Savage.

Chapter 5:  Thinking about the Doc Savage Special 2014

Set in the year 1939, the comic is written by David Walker, and illustrated by Kewber Baal, with colors provided by Kelsey ShannonPatricia Savage is the cousin of heroic adventurer Doc Savage, and although she is strong and smart like her cousin, Pat fears that Doc does not take her seriously.  Her fears are confirmed when Doc asks her to babysit Mae, the nine-year-old daughter of a Chinese scientist.  But sinister men are targeting Mae, and Pat and her friends are soon fighting for their lives.

The story is gripping, showcasing a strong female protagonist as she deals with the prejudices of her time.  The art in this book is gorgeous, reminiscent of the art style of John Cassaday.  Baal skillfully conveys the story’s plentiful action, and the female characters are stunningly beautiful.  Shannon’s color work adds to Baal’s illustrations, giving the comic a lush look.

Doc Savage Special 2014 is a beautiful action-filled comic that makes you care about Patricia Savage and take note of her qualities.  The comic is accessible to new and veteran Doc Savage fans, and is a riveting, delightful read.

Chapter 6:  Savage Reality

The Black Hat only narrowly avoided decapitation as the mechanical claws of the robot slashed at his head.  The Black Hat knew that he would have to finish off the robot before he could deal with the Astrologer.

In a quick strike, the robot grabbed the vigilante’s flowing black cape and flung him him through the air.  The Black Hat hit the warehouse wall – hard!

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