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Freeze Frame 12/09/16

From Island #13 by Jack Cole

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Indubitable Issues and Pull List (11/09/16)




Tyler’s Recommendation …
flash10Flash #10
“When Shade appears in any comic I’m stoked, so his visit to Central City for the new story arc has my full attention. Josh Williamson definitely has the writing chops to do the character justice, and the preview pages from Felipe Watanabe look pretty great.”

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This Years Finest 2015: The Empire Strikes Back In Marvel’s Star Wars

5446c5dd89eedAt the beginning of the year, Marvel Comics launched their line of Star Wars comics to immediate sales success and fanfare. Since then, the publisher hasn’t stopped releasing several new ongoing’s, miniseries & crossover’s related to the property to the delight of readers and retailers alike. But more then just being successful sales wise or in satisfying the fans, Marvel created some great comics by letting their creative talent imprint their own styles on the Star Wars mytho’s. Star Wars comics rocked readers everywhere in 2015 with a little something for everybody as you’ll see below.  Continue reading This Years Finest 2015: The Empire Strikes Back In Marvel’s Star Wars

Freeze Frame 9/18/2015

From Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #11 by Marco Rudy
From Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #11 by Marco Rudy

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Freeze Frame 8/15/2015

From Star Wars Lando #2 by Alex Maleev & Paul Mounts
From Star Wars Lando #2 by Alex Maleev & Paul Mounts

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Freeze Frame 7/10/2015

From Shutter #13 By Leila Del Duca
From Shutter #13 By Leila Del Duca

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Indubitable Issues & Pull Lists




 Josh’s Recommendations:
Iron Fist Epic Collection TPB Fury Of Iron Fist
Written and drawn by Silver-Age pros Roy Thomas with Gil Kane, this volume collects the stories that cemented Iron Fist in the MCU and as one of the prominent Kung Fu fighters in comics. A must have for any fan of Danny Rand.

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Review of Star Wars Lando #1

cBy Charles Soule and Alex Maleev

Simply put, this book is very enjoyable. Another Marvel Star Wars book with some big names on the cover, and another successful debut. The world George Lucas created is so vast and so rich with history and characters that there are countless stories to explore in this galaxy far, far away. These stories have been explored extensively over the many years since the original trilogy. We have seen extended universe stories through novels, television, video games, comics and additional movies but there is still so much in this world to explore. For a beloved character like Lando Calrissian, I think the comic book medium is the perfect fit for an extended adventure.

Lando is scheduled for 5 issues, which after reading the first, I have no doubt will be a success. This silver tongued devil will talk his way in and out of any mess. He is a good man at his core, but better yet he is a good thief. The title opens on Lando in the bedroom of an Imperial Governor. It is clear that his mission was to bed her and then rob her. However, knowing that she will go to the ends of the universe to find him after this betrayal, Lando takes an unorthodox approach. Convincing the Governor to let him take the trinket he set out to steal. Appealing to her humanity, assuming she has some. A perfect setup for our devious protagonist.

Hearing the name Alex Maleev I think of dark and gritty character centred art. When I think of a Lando Calrissian book this is not an obvious match to me. The light arrogance of Lando and the complex visuals of a galaxy seem like they might be better suited in different hands. However, it turns out Alex Maleev is a great fit on this book, so why is that?  It works because Lando Calrissian is a juxtaposed character. He is a lighthearted charismatic man in a dark and gritty world. He takes jobs that should make him shake in his boots, but instead he faces them with a smile. While Charles Soule is a perfect match for a charismatic thief, Alex Maleev provides that juxtaposition, by creating the gritty feel of the world that Lando inhabits daily. The danger of this world is meant to feel real and although there is usually a smile on Lando’s face, the detailed character work of Maleev displays just how real and dangerous this world can be.

Soule does a terrific job of displaying Lando’s greatest asset also as his greatest weakness. While his over confidence and cockiness was the reason for his successful opening robbery, it also gets him into a ton of trouble on the following mission. Lando is so confident he doesn’t really care who he is stealing from. If you haven’t guessed already, he ends up stealing from someone he really should have thought twice about. A great debut for the Lando title. I will be on board for all 5 issues.

– Dean