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Dean will punish you if you don’t pick up…
pnThe Punisher #2
Issue #1 was great.  If you missed it then don’t make that mistake again.  Jump in here at issue 2 and enjoy the ride Edmondson is taking us on.  
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Alex says you should be reading this book.NOW…
THBThunderbolts #20.NOW
I implore you to do yourself a favor and pick up this issue.  Before reading Charles Soule’s first issue of the series, I knew relatively nothing about some of these characters and absolutely nothing about what came before Soule’s run.  The best part?  You don’t have to know.  Just jump on in.  Each issue has been hilarous and chock full of action.  There is never a dull moment in this book.  This issue apparently introduces Ghost Rider to the series, and I can’t wait!
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READ BETWEEN THE LINES! An Interview with Larime Taylor the Creator of “A Voice in the Dark”

Last week I posted a segment on Image number #1’s for the month of November.  In this segment I highlighted Larime Taylor’s debut book A Voice in the Dark.  I expressed an interest in the themes of the book and put it on my “worthy of a second issue” list.  This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with creator Larime Taylor via Facebook to discuss life as a comic book creator which quickly turned into a fantastic conversation about the themes of his book.  If you have not read this book or have not heard of Larime Taylor then you probably don’t know Larime was born with Arthrogryposis and because of this he writes, draws, shades and letters the entire book with his mouth.  I had a fantastic time chatting with this creative and talented man, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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IMAGE #1’s : November’s Progress Report

There is something exciting about a #1 issue.  A new beginning, a fresh story.  You may not know what to expect going in but you quickly form an opinion between the pages .  You don’t have to worry about any character baggage or prerequisite reading.  You just have to buy it, read it and dig it.  I love #1 issues for this reason and I try to buy at least one every week.  Image has become a force in the #1 issue world.  They are coming out with handfuls of #1 issues every month all with fresh and new ideas, stamped with a wide range of creators from big names to fresh meat.  This segment highlights some of the Image #1’s I tried this month and whether they warrant a #2. 

SEP130479ALEX + ADA #1  This is the classic tale of depressed boy receives hot robot girl friend as a gift from raunchy grandma even though he claims he doesn’t want her/it.  The ever so familiar sex robot love story. In all seriousness I really dug this book.  I am a sucker for science fiction.  Good sci-fi throws you into a world of the unfamiliar but adds enough familiar elements so you don’t feel too far from home. When a book opens on our main character turning on his shower and adjusting the temperature with his mind it does not matter what happens in the following pages… I’m in!  I also really enjoyed our main character, the cookie cutter depressed cubical post breakup guy.  For me the scene that really convinced me I loved this book was his surprise party.  He obviously has people around him that care about him but here we see he doesn’t really care about them, he is still feeling heartbroken and alone.  I like to keep my pull list diverse and this book fits in very nicely.  I’m a sucker for a depressed guy love story and I’m a sucker for technology so write me a story about a depressed guy getting a sucker from technology and I’m sold.  WARRANT SECOND ISSUE: DEFINITELY

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Review of A Voice in the Dark #7

A Voice in the Dark 7By Larime Taylor

A Voice in the Dark #7 delivers the conclusion to the story arc Killing Game. I won’t get into too many details of the plot because I know a lot of you are going to pick up this trade when it comes out in June.  The first few pages of each issue has given us a glimpse into the moments just after Zoe has committed the murder. This issue brings it all together and we get to see how the murder unfolds. The most exciting part of any murder or heist story is always how it was done.  Zoe takes us step by step through her careful process.  The process of the murder is of course very exciting as expected but there are two scenes I wanted to focus on.

There is a scene as Zoe is on her way to commit the murders where she has a few moments of doubting.  These two pages convey a very real emotion, humanizing Zoe.  This is a hard task to accomplish, to make Zoe relatable to the reader as she is on her way to commit a murder. However it is pulled off brilliantly in these two pages. By the end of Zoe’s second guessing and reassuring scene I am totally on board. I sure am easy to convince.

The other scene I wanted to highlight is the hook at the end. Larime has done this a few times in earlier chapters.  He gives us just enough at the end so that we are not mad, but we definitely want more. Things may not have went quite as smoothly as Zoe thought.

I encourage everyone who is not reading this title to go out and buy the trade in June. If this book does not continue because you did not support it, I will hunt you down and shove a…okay perhaps I am reading a little too much of this book. The point is you should buy A Voice in the Dark, it is fantastic.

– Dean

Review of A Voice in the Dark #6

avdA Voice in the Dark #6  By Larime Taylor

Way back in issue #1 of this series we find out that protagonist Zoey has recently committed a murder and fears that it will happen again.  She has a darkness inside she did not ask for.  A darkness inside she does not want to have. What I found interesting about that first issue is how I felt about Zoey and her murder. When I found out Zoey killed a girl who was the cause of her best friend’s attempted suicide I was happy she was dead.  This is a wonderful tool.  Zoey is a character feeling guilty about her dark urges and here I am the reader saying “Fuck her she deserved it!”  I had a very weird feeling by the end of the issue, I was starting to feel very uncomfortable with my easy acceptance of this murder.  Zoey is such a lovable character I want to see her go on a killing spree and kill all those jerks who ever wrong her.  This book is infecting me with the darkness, or perhaps we all have the darkness somewhere deep inside and this book brings it to the surface.

So where am I going with this?  Well issue #6 was the first time I found myself having that guilty feeling again.  Although Zoey has made the decision she is going to kill Mandy you still can see the inner struggle she has to face.  She does not want to be the way she is, she did not ask for the darkness but she has to live with it.  At the beginning of the issue Zoey is doing her research on Mandy by watching her routine.  Throughout this whole process Zoey does not seem pleased with herself or pleased with what she has decided to do.  Again I’m sitting there saying “Fuck her she deserves it!”  But wait…does she deserve it?  She is a mean bitch and did a few hurtful things to Zoey’s friends but does she deserve to die for it? “Fuck her she deserves it!”  Here I am so wrapped into Zoey I am comfortable dealing out death certificates to anyone who calls her a bitch.  The uneasy feeling creeps back in.  By the end of the issue Zoey has added another name onto her murder list and again I get an extremely strong feeling of approval that these people need to die.  I am fascinated with how the construction of characters and story has brought out my darkness as I read it.

I don’t want to leave this review without mentioning the masked man on the cover.  Here is a character that I am sure is the bad guy.  Up until now it has been so easy to jump on Zoey’s side because we know there is another killer on the loose. Our moral compass can be swayed a little because we know there is someone out there worse than Zoey.  Someone who we don’t sympathize with, someone who is a psychopath. However we get to meet this killer in issue #6 and he ends up saving the day.  What the hell! Now I also like the other murderer in the story and I don’t even know any of his motivations I just think he is a decent guy. My moral compass is fucked. Another great installment and  I’m excited to read the conclusion of Killing Game next month.

– Dean

Review of A Voice In the Dark #4


A Voice in the Dark #4 By Larime Taylor

“I just, like, want my friends and stuff to be, like, friends and stuff.” This issue was easily the funniest issue of the series.  A Voice in the Dark always has great dialogue and this issue was no different.  The issue spotlights Zoey and her roommates.  We get to spend some time with Krista and Ash. Most of this issue takes place at a college sorority party and Larime absolutely nails the college party dialogue.  It was fun and extremely funny with just the right splash of bitchy catty drama.  It is fitting that Ash is on the cover because she really steals the show.  The contrasting clash of Ash’s dark humor and Krista’s ditsy humor make for a satisfying blend of laughs.  Within the pages of issue #4 we also get back into the critical thinking class, which was my favorite part of the first issue.  This time in the class the professor and students discuss the death penalty.  It is a fantastic way to actually talk about the themes and moral dilemmas going on within the pages.  This issue was loads of fun with some spot on college drama.  I sound like a broken record but this book gets better with every issue.  The direction the book has taken, focusing on Zoey’s roommates has been a very strong choice.  I always dig a book with strong female characters and Larime is giving me just that. One of the funniest panels of the book is a cameo from Larime himself.  “Once you go gimp, you walk with a limp”.  Lastly I think I learned my new favorite insult from Ash, “Psycho cuntbeast”.  Hilarious issue!