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Freeze Frame 2/2/2018

From Image+ #6 by Ian Bederman & Jason Wordie

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Freeze Frame 6/9/2017

From All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #3 by Frazer Irving

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Freeze Frame 12/16/2016

From Mayday #2 by Tony Parker & Blond
From Mayday #2 by Tony Parker & Blond

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Freeze Frame 12/1/2016

From Old Man Logan #14 by Felipe Andrade & ian Herring
From Old Man Logan #14 by Felipe Andrade & Jordie Bellaire

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Freeze Frame 11/11/2016

From New Superman #5 by Viktor Bogdanovich, Richard Friend & Hi-FI
From New Superman #5 by Viktor Bogdanovich, Richard Friend & Hi-FI

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A Salute to the Quiet Ones

We all know the type. They stand in the background and don’t say much, if anything at all, but if they speak, everyone listens. What is is about these characters that make them fan-favorites? It’s obviously not their love of witty banter, or their constant quips. Sure, they might get a funny line or two here and there, but a lot of the humor comes from how unexpected it is that they spoke at all. We know very little about them, their hobbies, their inner thoughts, or their history. Occasionally, we’ll get hints at their backstory, but the revelations are slow and even when we do learn their past, they remain mysteries.

Yes, the popularity of these characters as just as enigmatic as they are.  If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that their mysterious natures is exactly why they’re so popular. Character like Lying Cat, Snake-Eyes, Garnet, Samurai Jack, and Ice Bear don’t say much, if anything, but their quiet natures make you want to watch them even more. They riddles wrapped inside mysteries, wrapped inside enigmas and it’s the audience or reader’s job to figure them out. By keeping their thoughts to themselves, the readers have to watch them closely, and put themselves in the character’s shoes.

from Steven Universe

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Yo Joe!

Though I’ve only started reading them recently, there is something very nostalgic about the classic Marvel G.I. Joe. I spent my formative years as a military brat, so it holds a special place in my heart for reminding me of the culture I grew up in. After reading just a few issues, I couldn’t stop. They are just that good.

Though there were other creators, Larry Hama is considered the quintessential writer for G.I.Joe. Hama’s original concept was a spinoff of S.H.E.I.L.D. called Fury Force. While this idea was rejected by the editor Jim Shooter, it later became the basis for G.I.Joe. In the series, Hama incorporated philosophy, military jargon, and his own personal experiences in the military and life to create a unique blend of action and heart. The rest is one hundred and fifty-five issues of history.

Herb Trimbe

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Hear the Voiceless

What is language? A thought forms in my mind. I take that thought and instantly transform it into words. Those words are part of a language we all know, English. I type out the words my mind has chosen, making decisions, substitutions and changes along the way. On the other end of a computer screen you read the words. Your mind uses the combination of words to form meaning. I have now placed a thought that originated in my head into your head through the use of language. So language can be defined as words? What about sign language? Language is in the description yet there are no words. Therefore language cannot be typecast as just words. Language must be more, it must be the vessel in which we communicate ideas.


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