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Let the Great Experiment Begin!

          backissuesHello friends, this week at The Banana Stand I’ve decided to journey into the world of back issues with a little experiment.  I’ve noticed that a lot of readers–myself included–are allowing continuity and the desire to read every issue affect the way they approach comics, and I think this is causing us all to take things a little too seriously, especially numbering.  It’s proven that a shiny #1 on any issue results in a bump in sales, and this is largely because we’re scared to just jump in and enjoy a comic like when we were kids.  Sure big issue numbers are intimidating, but that shouldn’t cause us to pass over a story we’re interested in, just because it’s not the beginning.

          It was this observation that caused me to try out the old method and just grab some books that looked cool, and see what happened–numbering be damned, I want freedom!  I visited a couple comic shops and rummaged through a ton of back issues with the goal of grabbing comics that I was not familiar with, paying little attention to the numbering, so I could experience them for the first time like a new reader.  There were a few differences, like the fact that I did pay attention–when allowed–to creative teams and cover art, which provided me at least some insight into what I’d be getting into.  After shuffling back and forth, I ended up taking home about thirteen books that I was curious about reading but had little to no knowledge of; I wasn’t able to cover them all, but I think we have a fair sampling of my adventure here.  The only way I can think of to structure this is to go book by book, and give my take.  As always I’ll try to justify my opinions with reason, and discuss what I liked as well as disliked about each, but I’ll be pretty succinct because otherwise this will be a long-ass, possibly boring article 🙂 Sounds good right? Cool, well here we go! Continue reading Let the Great Experiment Begin!

Convergence Superboy & the LOSH #2 Review

  cby Stuart Moore, Peter Gross, Mark Farmer

Moore and Farmer continue a strong and more “mature” LOSH in their final Convergence tie-in.

Superboy is written like an actual teenager, and the Kents while still nurturing and kind also impart actual life lessons to him about making tough decisions in life. Some focus is given to the Atomic Knights, but not enough to form an emotional attachment.

Their world has been much further on the brink than the LOSH Earth, which makes them more desperate and determined to survive. With this being a DC story with a Silver Age bent, the LOSH and Atomic Knights decide to work together to save the Ak’s Earth, potentially condemning both to be destroyed by Telos.

Peter Gross provides layouts in this issue, smoothing out the art and making it more reminiscent of the 1980s LOSH comics. Farmer’s style is still visible, but Gross’ layouts give him more mainstream consistency. Overall, easily one of the best Legion stories that have been published in the last few years despite Convergence’s limitations. Moore and Farmer seem like natural handlers of the LOSH’s mythos and make feel interesting again whereas previous writers lacked magic in their portrayal. Hopefully we see them again in the future.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent.

Review of Convergence: Superboy and The Legion of Superheroes #1

DIG054804_2by Stuart Moore & Gus Storms

Three weeks in, the plots of DC’s Convergence tie-ins are getting rather formulaic: character trapped in city under dome is confused and trying to make sense of the situation, dome falls and hero rises to confront the new challenge. Superboy pretty much follows the same pattern, yet, delves deeper below the surface. Last week, Keith Giffen used Supergirl to highlight the absurdity of the Event; this week Stuart uses Superboy for pathos. In the process, Stuart gives readers a touching portrait of who Kal-El is and what he represents to others.
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