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Marvel Announces Monsters Unleashed With Bunn & Several Artists

Monsters_UnleashedWriter Cullen Bunn of Uncanny X-Men, Harrow County, Conan The Slayer & The Sixth Gun will be writing a series title Monsters Unleashed being released in January 2017 with art from Steve McNiven,  Lenil Francis Yu, Adam Kubert, Salvador Larocca & Greg Land. More details at Newsarama

Freeze Frame 5/27/2016

From DC Universe Rebirth #1 by Gary Frank, Ethan Van Sciver, Brad Anderson & Jason Wright
From DC Universe Rebirth #1 by Gary Frank, Ethan Van Sciver, Brad Anderson & Jason Wright

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Freeze Frame 4/29/2016

From Rick & Morty #13 by CJ Cannon, Ryan Hill & CRANK
From Rick & Morty #13 by CJ Cannon, Ryan Hill & CRANK

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Freeze Frame 3/25/2016

From Cry Havoc #3 by Ryan Kelly & Matt Wilson
From Cry Havoc #3 by Ryan Kelly & Matt Wilson

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This Years Finest 2015: The Empire Strikes Back In Marvel’s Star Wars

5446c5dd89eedAt the beginning of the year, Marvel Comics launched their line of Star Wars comics to immediate sales success and fanfare. Since then, the publisher hasn’t stopped releasing several new ongoing’s, miniseries & crossover’s related to the property to the delight of readers and retailers alike. But more then just being successful sales wise or in satisfying the fans, Marvel created some great comics by letting their creative talent imprint their own styles on the Star Wars mytho’s. Star Wars comics rocked readers everywhere in 2015 with a little something for everybody as you’ll see below.  Continue reading This Years Finest 2015: The Empire Strikes Back In Marvel’s Star Wars

Freeze Frame 12/18/2015

From Superman American Alien #2 by Tommy Lee Edwards
From Superman American Alien #2 by Tommy Lee Edwards

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Nothing But Comics is about to hit our two year mark and in observance of the site’s anniversary, every Tuesday from now until we finish, one of our staff members will list off their favorite series, runs or issues of all time. This week it’s Tyler


Hess’s House Best of Big Two 2013

I freaking love comics. So many comics. Too many to put in one single list. We all like different things. Some of us like big two comics. Other’s may prefer large publisher creator owned work while other’s dig the small press. I like all of that. I’ll cover my favorites from the different corners of comic book publishing over the month of December. 

For this week I’ll be covering DC and Marvel Mainline Superhero Comics

Yes these are the big guys. I try to not write about DC and Marvel comics TOO much because I think it’s hard to give a take on these books that hasn’t been said ad naseum. Do you really need me to explain why Scott Snyder’s Batman is great again? I mean I already did once anyway and I’m about to one more time so there you go. That’s because whatever your feeling are about these comics they are ubiquitous and necessary. The sales and popularity of DC and Marvel props up the infrastructure of the entire industry so as much as I may prefer comics from Image, Darkhorse, Vertigo, First Second or Koyama those companies don’t exist without the big two. And that’s because people are passionate about the comics from these companies regardless of how they feel the quality of the current work. People love their DC or Marvel or both or they have complete disdain for one or both but it’s that passion for these companies that fuels comics as a business. As for me I still read a lot of stuff from them in spite of my passion for the indie and small publishers. In composing this list  I tried to trim it down to what I thought was the best of the best from the publishers. I get annoyed with events, crossovers, Scott Lobdell and West Wing fan fiction so all that relegated Animal Man, X-Men, Swamp Thing, Indestructible Hulk, Avengers Assemble, Wolverine and the X-Men, Action Comics, Daredevil: End of Days and Uncanny X-Men to honorable mentions status. ‘Nuff respect due for Captain America, Wolverine, Batman: The Dark Knight, Marvel Knights Spiderman/X-Men, Amazing X-Men and Superman Unchained which are all very good but just not good enough and Wonderwoman, Deadpool, Fearless Defenders, Journey Into Mystery, The Flash, Ultimate Spiderman and Aquaman which I’m sure are as amazing that you all say they are but life’s too short no what I’m saying?

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Review of Axis #4

detailby Rick Remender & Lenil Francis Yu

For Rick Remender the biggest threat in the Marvel universe isn’t Apocalypse, the Red Skull, Celestials or any kind of mass genocide they may or may not be conceiving; no it seems the writer has surely zoned in on the Chris Claremont playbook where mind control is the strongest force of evil. It was a hallmark of his runs on Uncanny X-Force, Uncanny Avengers & Axis and while he’s utilized it fairly well overall it’s starting to wear thin and that becomes very apparent in issue four of Axis where the story perhaps inevitably starts going off the rails. This series is still redeemable but this chapter is a huge miss as we see things like Captain America punching Nick Fury, Hulk extra Hulking out and the X-Men come to the decision that maybe it is time to fuck with humanity because, mind control I guess. That’s another problem is that it’s never spelled out or even clearly alluded to enough that it’s apparent other then at the comics conclusion where it’s vaguely implied but even then it seems like a bit of a stretch. Remender is prone to angsty writing but it goes a bit too far here as it’s basically an issue comprised of 95% pissy exposition plus Captain America punching Nick Fury, super extra hulking out and Carnage saving people because…..mind control maybe? Lenil Francis Yu is one of Marvel’s best illustrators but he really has nothing to do here where the conversation is all one note. I’m hoping that this series can recover and this is just a mere blip in the ongoing narration but it’s a bad look for something that started out so strong, especially considering how much of this is predicated on idea’s that were already beaten to death in Civil War & Avengers vs X-Men. Axis was and could still be pretty great but this issue just isn’t.