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The Man of Steel on an Expense Account

In this week’s issue of The New Yorker (cover date August 8th & 15th), Darrin Bell offers up a fresh spin on the Superman/Luthor confrontation:

Superman New Yorker cartoon Darrin Bell

“The gentleman says, ‘You tell me you’ve got a dastardly plan, then I’ll swear to defeat you, and then we can both expense this.’ ”


It may be time for mild-mannered Clark Kent to have a chat with the Daily Planet’s HR Department . . .



Review: Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice posterNo Spoilers

It is generally agreed upon that comic book fans have recently been treated to a bounty of pleasures on the Silver Screen. Even films that are not entirely satisfying (such as last year’s Age of Ultron and Ant-Man) were still enjoyable experiences. Yet, nothing’s perfect, and the clunkers keep slipping past. Last year fans had to suffer through a Fantastic Four project so awful, it managed to outdo the mess that was 2014’s Amazing Spider-Man 2. The good news is that Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice never matches these nadirs. There are some positive elements to the movie; there are some pretty bad ones as well. The real problem is that there is very little which is actually great. Thus, while the overall film is not outright incompetent, it is also barely engaging or compelling.

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The Return of the Campy Villian


It used to be that when you had a colorful hero in the Super variety, there was an equally colorful villain opposite him with an over the top demeanor and wacky scheme. After a time we wanted to take our heroes, and by extension villains, as more real and grown up. Mad scientists and criminals with circus fetishes were replaced by evil corporate CEOs and foreign terrorists. Like all things, this has come full circle with the heroes becoming less stiff and more relaxed and the villains are slowly reflecting that. But why did they vanish in the first place, and how are we seeing them again today? Continue reading The Return of the Campy Villian

THE GHOST BOX! Quick Shot Reviews

JUL138008DACTION COMICS #23.3 (LEX LUTHOR): Charles Soule does a great job in capturing the megalomaniac at his most ‘lomaniacal. This is the most terrifyingly evil and villainous Lex we have gotten so far in the two years plus of the New 52 – and it is a welcome sight. Lex Luthor needs to be up there with the likes of the Joker and other diabolical characters of the DCU, but until now he’s been regulated to pulling strings from behind bars. No longer. This wonderful Villains Month Issue changes the game and lets the dogs out of the cage – so to speak. The art from Raymund Bermudez leaves something to be desired, and not my cup of tea, but with Soules strong writing I can get past it. My fave moment of the issue: Lex is leaving prison and asks the guard if he wants his prison uniform to sale and get money to send his kid to college. The Prison Guard does want it, but when Lex says all he has to do is walk over and take it, the Guard stands motionless – this scene speaks volumes about the power Lex has and perfectly captures everything he is about. This is Morrison turf. Good stuff. WRITING: EXCELLENT / ART: FAIR

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Tuesday’s Top Ten: DC Villain Edition (updated!)

Each Tuesday, the gang will comprise their own top ten list for whatever the topic is for that week.  In the comments section, we can all compare the lists to see if there were any patterns. Also, feel free to post your own top ten lists.
As it is Villains Month over at DC, we decided to create a top ten list of our favorite DC baddies.  Despite your feelings for DC’s cash grab  strategy, the publisher has some of the greatest villains–maybe of any medium.

Ghostmann’s Top Ten DC Villains

1. The Joker

Jock’s best cover ever!

Come on, do I even need to explain myself?

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