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GLAAD Nominates Saga, Love Is Love, Black Panther, Midnightetr, Supergirl, Black Mirror, Star Trek Beyond, Frank Ocean & More

la-et-hc-love-is-love-comic-orlando-20160920-snapGLAAD has released their annual media award nominees this week and as per the usual, it’s straight fucking fire. Comics nominees are Saga, Love is Love, Black Panther, Midnighter/Midnighter & Apollo,  DC Bombshells, Lumberjanes, Kim & Kim, The Woods, Patsy Walker aka Hellcat & All New X-Men. Other nominees include Star  Trek Beyond in film; Super Girl, Black Mirror, Wynonna Erp, Orphan Black & Stevens Universe in TV & former podcast recommendations Blood Orange Freetown Sound & Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange in music. Wow. Details at GLAAD’s website

Love is Love

My high school was protested by the Westboro Baptist church. I learned this my senior year. My school has a fantastic fine and performing arts program, one that draws students from all over the county, and since it’s a well-known fact that art makes kids gay, the WBC protested a program that encourages creation and beauty because their idea of beauty is narrow and close minded. They eventually packed their bags and went home, having failed to make any lasting damage. Heck, I take pride in the fact that the Westboro Baptist Church protested. My school lived on and grew to have a vibrant gay community, one that felt safe reveling in their sexuality, gender identity and the freedom in accepting that they are different. Sure, there were homophobes—there always are—but my friends and I feel safe walking the halls.  We feel safe loudly proclaiming how gay we were in our art classes and, in one memorable instant, one girl asked another to prom via short story during creative writing class. The principal is nothing but supportive of us. She attends GSA meetings and even brings the snacks. Continue reading Love is Love