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Review of Doctor Strange

doctor-strange-posterNo Spoilers

For a production company that is faulted at times for sticking to a very specific formula, Marvel Studios takes a fair amount of risks. The most obvious of these is a willingness to base big budget movies around B-List characters. However, as Ant-Man demonstrated last year and Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014, viewers are eager to embrace heroes who previously had little, if any, exposure outside of fan culture. This combined with a mixing of subgenres (science-fiction space opera, heist caper family drama) has helped keep the formula from growing stale. Yes, the standard tropes are still there, but, in the best movies, they blend with more unique elements. This is definitely the case with Doctor Strange, the most recent entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Its mixture of technical prowess and strong ensemble acting crafts a film which is equal parts awe-inspiring and humane. Central to the movie’s success, same as Captain America Civil War earlier this year, is the conviction that the spectacle must be anchored with compelling character work.

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Review: Scarlet Witch #6

Scarlet Witch 6 David AjaBy James Robinson & Marguerite Sauvage

Following its strong debut, the Scarlet Witch’s new series has developed into a reliable pleasure. The potentially risky decision to have a new artist for each issue has proven to be a smart gamble. Each creator brings to the book a different sensibility which conjures a shifting atmosphere for the adventures of Wanda Maximoff. At the same time, these various styles complement each other, blending into a rich magical landscape. The consistent thread throughout has been James Robinson’s strong scripts, which explore Wanda’s heroic role. Her virtuous feats do not come without a cost, yet, she cannot help but continue pursuing them. It is in her nature after all, which is what makes her a true hero. For #6, Robinson takes a different perspective on this theme by offering a touching tale of grief.

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