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Uncover The Best Covers 3/2/2018

From Saga #49 by Fiona Staples

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Freeze Frame 3/31/2017

From Batgirl Annual #1 by Inaki Miranda & Eva De La Cruz

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This Week’s Finest: Rick and Morty #22


By Kyle Starks, CJ Cannon, Katy Farina, Marc Ellerby, CRANK!

Jerry done goofed the multiverse last issue, while Rick and Morty make the situation worse trying to fix things by poring gasoline on a fire. Rick and Morty #22 proves that we are our own worst enemies, but that it is also This Week’s Finest… Continue reading This Week’s Finest: Rick and Morty #22

Rick and Morty #11 Review


By Pamela Ribon, Marc Ellerby, Ryan Hill, CRANK!
Rick wants to help his grandson become a man, while Summer and Jerry have a “Freaky Friday” swap that is every bit as inappropriate as you would imagine.
Tired of seeing Morty constantly wuss out in every situation he encounters, Rick decides the best way to help him man up is by having him go through 4 years of Alien High School drama in one day. Meanwhile, after sneaking aboard his spaceship Summer, her boyfriend and Jerry wake up to a body swap between father and daughter.
What follows is a hilarious A and B plot as Morty tries to survive bullies and undercover cops while Summer has to deal with being a middle-age sad-sack while her father enjoys being a young woman brimming with possibilities. Its disgusting and heartwarming in all the right ways.
Marc Ellerby’s art, combined with Ryan Hill’s colors, perfectly captures the style of the show, even inserting the trademark character closeups of Rick burping or Morty looking like an overexposed snail. Ellerby’s line work and personal style are a natural fit for this book .
Overall, a delightful issue that may be the best yet at encapsulating the spirit of the show. Part gross out comedy and part family drama, “Rick and Morty #11” proves we can never have enough of these characters and their insanity.
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