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This Week’s Finest: Monstress #10

Sana Takeda

By Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda

As with any art form, the best comic books are those that offer an immersive experience. Favorite paintings or films, for example, provide visual worlds for contemplation, while listeners can lose themselves within an album’s aural landscapes. All these mediums share the ability to craft a compelling ambiance. The same is true of Monstress which continues its excellent run this week with another stunning issue.

Much of the appeal of Monstress is related to its elaborate world building. The narrative unfolds in the aftermath of a long brutal war waged between magical/semi-magical beings. This extended conflict, which continues to simmer not far below the surface, has left the environment ravaged. A general sense of gloom hangs over the proceedings, a visual reminder of writer Marjorie Liu’s motif of war’s deep, ill-healing scars. Issue #10 however, achieves a heightened level of dread as protagonist Maika and her companions reach the Isle of Bones.

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Podcast Episode Thirty Seven

image Where Pat shares about his discovery that his mom listens to the podcast, Dean joins Pat’s fantasy football league, the guys love Afterlife With Archie, Saga, Han Solo & East of West, Alex and Dean make a case for Predator vs Judge Dredd vs Alien while Alex and Pat vehemently argue over This Weeks Finest pick Suicide Squad War Crimes

Ten Things I Learned from Reading the First Issue of ‘Image+’

When I learned that Image Comics was releasing a magazine in the monthly Diamond Comic Distributors Previews catalog, I assumed it was a mere blurb-laden catalog focused on Image Comics’ offerings. But afer reading the first issue of Image+, I realize that my assumption about the magazine was wrong.

Because while Image+ does promote Image’s titles, it does so with engaging content such as informative interviews with creators and comics retailers, previews of upcoming comics, and even exclusive comics. The magazine enlightens readers about Image’s comics and the creators who make them.

Here are just ten things that I learned from the first issue of Image+

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Giant Size Non Halloween Related Loose Ends Halloween Special

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So What’s Happening From Image Comics In November?

CitizenJack01_CvrWell, previously announced The God Dammed by the Scalped team of Jason Aaron & RM Guerra, Huck by Mark Millar & Rafeal Albuquerque, Ringside by Joe Keatinge, Monstress by Marjorie Liu & the 8House chapter by Emma Rios. A new series was announced for Sam Humphries of Planet Hulk, Starlord & Our Love Is Real titled Citizen Jack in addition to newly announced series or OGN’s by Eddie Argos, Dan Waters & all the excellent comics we’ve come to expect from the publisher. More details at Image Comics